maybe not the jazz cup of tea, but wanted to hear your comments.  this is a backing track for a vocalist friend of mine.  it's targeted for the market in japan, but definitely a work in progress.  i'm thinking of replacing the rhodes with piano as soon as i can find a usable piano library. (my tbo has clicks in it)

i've got responses from some players saying this was a great progression to practice improv to..  there are some good ii-v pop variations in there.  it more or less stays locked in one key tho, to keep it easy on the vocalist.  no melody yet.  as for progressions, i tried to mix in some stuff i learned from jazz, which actually throws a good twist to repetitive major 9ths.
There are 4 comments, leave a comment.
wow - high energy stuff man!  i love it.

i'd love to hear it with a vocal.  my first thought is that for backing tracks, it seems kind of busy. i hope your vocalist is hot enough to keep it going:)  might be a great instrumental tune with the right soloist too.

i doesn't sound real pop-ish to me, but then again i'm not familiar with the pop music if japan...good luck!

~groove on
really tight, good job.  would you mind describing your development environment, the software and plugins you are using?
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thnx guys.  i did all sequencing in cubase.  all synths are from the a1 synth (the free one that came with cubase), analogue drums from a vsti plugin called microtonic, all other sounds from sampletank 2xl.

the sounds were then mixed on a dsp card called scope, from a german company that went through some tough times recently, but have recovered to good position. (google sonic core)  it's basically a virtual mixing desk with its own set of dsp effects that only run on scope.  scope has a modular synth environment where i can build my own effects, which is what i used to create the drum dirtifying effect on the main drum loop.  other than that, it's lots of decimating and excitors for the cutting synths.
energizing in the way herbie hancock was when he moved into electronica.
i would give it five stars just for originality.
the speaker pan effect grew weary after the first minute, but maybe i'm just old fashioned.
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