i've listened to three of their albums (including the new one) in three days, and i still don't get it.  finally learning to appreciate evans was easy compared to this.

does anyone here like coldplay?  if so, why?  i can't get into them for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that their music seems like its missing the beat.
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i agree - whiney, self-indulgent self-important bs.  as dr whack would say, my 2c. but then again, many things i like others would call crap, and on one level, i'm jealous - they're successful, rich musicians, living the life. what could be better?

and, more importantly, the lead singer is balling gwyneth - that wouldn't be so bad, would it?
you left out the most important thing; price range
well since this is a jazz piano forum, it's unlikely that anyone here is going to be a huge fan of coldplay.

as for why they are so popular?  i dunno. they do tend to come up with catchy little four measure thingies that they stretch out to make  3 minute songs.  maybe that's why?  they seem to reach more folks than the average jazz artist, so i don't think it's a bad thing- just not a jazz player's cup of joe.

as g would say i would say;
just my 2¢  :)
i'm pretty open on the price (up to $3k).  but i don't need anything too fancy or complicated (which is why i listed my needs above).  i'm currently considering the yamaha dgx-620 which goes for $600-700.
their first album, parachutes, was amazing. every album since then has gotten progressively worse.
i recommend the dgx-620, i've tried them out at the local costco quite a few times and they feel and sound just about like my yamaha s90, except they are made more for the living room (built in speakers, etc).  i dont' think you can go wrong buying one of those for the price.
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i like coldplay - they make uplifting singalong songs.
scot, what's the difference in features between an $800 keyboard such as the dgx-620 and a $2k keyboard such as the s90 or roland rd-700?
"they do tend to come up with catchy little four measure thingies that they stretch out to make  3 minute songs."

isn't this a characteristic of many great tunes?  the last time i checked, c-jam blues was a catchy four measure thingy :o)  personally, i think coldplay is amazing.  

i'm not sure why one would call their music "whiney, self-indulgent, self-important bs".  i mean, if you think about it, aren't most compositions self-indulgent?  if i sit down to write a tune, i'm not thinking "man, i'd better make sure to steer clear of the ma7#5 chords, because my mom may not like that".  

i've played a couple of their songs as a jazz trio, and they turned out really nice, including this one:

"but the primary one is that their music seems like its missing the beat."

what is this "beat" to which you are referring?
hey winsome,  

i have a dgx 620 and i think it's an awesome keyboard for the price.  
however ...
if i was considering a keyboard again, i'd probably spent the extra cash and go for the new roland 700 sx.  

some of the differences i'll see:
the feel. dgx feels plastiky and the keyboard is just plain loud.  
the other feels much more like the real thing. it feels solid.  
if you have the volume up, or are playing with headphones, i think the dgx will be just fine. but if you play scales at low volume, the dgx will be loud. try it for yourself before you buy.

the roland doesn't have built-in speakers. it's easier to carry (if that matters to you).  

the roland can play mp3s. i think that's cool. i use a cheap mixer myself, which is fine too, just more wires.  

the dgx looks cheap. that's purely personal. just saying.  

another thing is the quality of the sound. if at all possible, drive to guitar center with a good pair of headphones (or borrow from them) and try it. i love guitar center!
one keyboard is more than 3 times the price of the other...
so is the reason the guy wanted to commit suicide is because his girlfriend isn't cute enough?

also i found the missing beat, it's the one right after the final chord.
whoa...for the record i wasn't blasting four measure thingies...just an observation...and maybe that's why folks like tunes like c-jam, so what, cantaloupe island, etc...  as opposed to more complicated thingies....i'm guessing if they had words, they'd be even more popular...

that's 4¢  :)

ps - i saw your name on rodney's facebook - small world:)
this is very interesting, knotty.  i'm going to take a look at that one (as well as the 300gx).
i'm pretty sure there are words to "so what", but never cared enough to learn them. i mean, like, so what ...

also the words to "cantaloupe island" (that i can remember) are:

if you want on board speakers also check out the roland fp7. ($1800 ish)  

i haven't played the yamaha dgx-620, but i have played the casio px320 ($700 ish) it has a lot of bang for the buck too. very light weight & on board speakers
"whoa...for the record i wasn't blasting four measure thingies"

ah, ok.  :o)  sorry, i misread.  that's cool that you know rodney.  i haven't seen him in quite some time.  the guy can play some 'bone, that's for sure.
i went and played the yamaha dgx-620 tonight.  the action on the keys doesn't feel as authentic/heavy as the roland gx-300 or 700.  

i'm wondering if there's anything out there (other than a workstation, i guess) that will allow me to have a rhythm section play in various styles while i improvise over it.
yeah - my son who has the same name as me, has a facebook account and of few of my friends have mistaken him for me. he showed me rodney's page and i saw your name there. i guess i should open account for myself.

i haven't seen rodney in about a year. i've known him since elementary school - we have stories :)
you could buy one of those drum machines. they cost around 400-500. they are packed with hundreds of rhythms and basslines. usually you can also easily enter a chord progression. it's small, no speakers, but if you're already gonna get an amp ...

i'm thinking something like this:

that's an option ...
i feel that their beat is missing some sort of driving pulse.  to me, the majority of their songs feel like they can be counted in whole notes   , and that the only thing that keeps them moving is the chord changes.  and speaking of the chord changes, i don't know if they don't use enough  dominant chords or if it's something else, but there's very little harmonic pull in their songs.  everything is very stable and pretty, almost too much so.
the casio i mentioned does have a rhythm section...

i give them credit for making it popularity wise. the musical content of their music [i find] is not very interesting, leaving me musically unfulfilled. maybe this could act upon you as a primer then when you get sick of its sameness, you can graduate to the real music of the masters of music, ie bill evans-- oscar peterson-- charlie parker-- and the dozens of musicians whose music takes some serious listening to,to be appreciated   good luck     charlie
i don't see how you can really compare coldplay to charlie parker. they have two very different musical styles and are from two completely different generations.  

i find that "sameness" is inherent in every style and every musician.  charlie parker constantly repeated himself, played a lot of stuff in f, played a lot of blues, etc.  i love hank williams(and so did bird), but i wouldn't exactly say that his music is more or less varied than coldplay.  hank plays the same old chords over and over and over and over......but he's so killin :o)

i also do not think that it takes serious listening to oscar peterson to appreciate him.  parker, maybe.  oscar, not really.  yet, one can hardly deny the integrity of oscar's music, despite the fact that it's accessible and he plays the same licks all of the time.  

basically, my point is that just because you don't dig coldplay, does not mean they do not create "real" music, or are not good musicians.  it's all about how it makes you feel, not necessarily how simple or complex, or redundant it is.  if "sameness" were a bad thing, the montuno would have been dead a long time ago.
so do the dgx and 700 gx.  

i'm assuming winsome is considering a more stripped down keyboard with solid action but no toys.

the mp3 feature is something that's appealing to me. being able to put my usb key with aebersold, change the key, and put it at the tempo i want, right from the keyboard. i think that's cool.  

right now, i do that with transcribe! it does the job perfectly, but it involves laptop, mixer and wires...
once you've convinced the wife that these 8 square meters of the house are yours, it's ok...
i have the roland fp4. it's the same thing as the fp7 only lighter.  around 32 lbs.  you can program any style of accompaniment.  the bass plays off of whatever you are playing in your left hand.  the onboard speakers are powerful and with a small added rolling pa, it sounds great for any size gig.
okay, friends. i'm leaning towards the rd-300gx because i like the feel of the keys and it looks like that usb/mp3 feature is pretty neat.  i remembered this morning that most product manuals are online. so i've been reading through the manuals of all the keyboards you recommended.  the preset rhythm accompaniments are a bit of a bore to me. the usb feature will allow me to load my own.

i looked at the 700-gx, but i'm not convinced that it has any more bells and whistles than the 300 that i need.

if anyone reads this thread and has more input, please feel free to pass along.
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