just wondering if any of you musicians are starting to feel the financial crisis. it is my theory that musicians are some of the first ones to feel the change when the economy goes wrong.  
people just don't seem to spend so much money on music (concerts, private parties, etc.) when the budget gets tight.
anyway i hope we will not loose to many gigs because of this.  
but in one way or another it is probably going to cost the average man a lot of money.(tax raise etc.)
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i'm not sure the musicians are the first to feel the crisis.  i'm told that during the depression, the musicians were actually still working.  my father is a piano player and although he had a successful run in the real estate biz,  the music biz  bailed him out when that market took a dive in the 70s (teaching& playing gigs)

i have placed all my eggs into the teaching basket, and have only recently begun to feel a steady decline in enrollment.  however i still get calls to play gigs, so if i decide to return to the balance of teaching and playing, i might be okay. (if i can stand it:)

the main problem musicians face is money management.  it's easy to make a huge amount on a project or two and then be mislead into thinking we have achieved a new income level.  we need to consider our annual incomes and track trends in fluctuations. for example, i used to make 25% of my annual income in december and maybe less than 1% in january.  what is interesting though is that i usually earned a consistent annual income.

when you can better guestimate what you're annual earnings are, you must than make a commitment to saving.  how much you save is much more important than how much you make. (much easier said than done)

now that i'm dealing with a drop in enrollment, i have a few beans put away help me through it.  what happens if and when i run out of beans is anyone's guess.  i'm thinking of robbing a bank.  if the bank actually has money, i'll either get to keep it, or i'll be sent to jail where all my financial needs will be met - room, board, food. healthcare, etc

let's just enjoy the ride:)
as of yet i haven't felt it, but i'm concerned. i have been saving all my gig money and have enough now to get the powererd speakers and digital piano i've been wanting for a long time. i think i'll wait (make do with i got becuase it works fine)and see how things pan out after the holidays.
gilad atzmon introduced a recent gig by telling the audience: so we're officially in a recession.  now everyone knows what it feels like to be a jazz musician.

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