hello everyone !
i have, for a long time been searching for the cmaj9#11 and csus2sus4 chords on the net without any progress.

i know that a cmaj13#11 consist of c,e,g,b,d,f#,a but how do you play a cmaj9#11 or a csus2sus4 ?

i hope this have'nt been posted before, i did a search but found nothing. thanks in advance for the enlightenment !

warm regards!
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cmaj9#11 = c,e,g,b,d,f#

csus2sus4 = c,d,f,g
this guys' site is incredible,all the theory you need-https://chrisjuergensen.com.hosting.domaindirect.com/improvisation%20guide.htm
cmaj9 #11 is best played as two-handed voicing:

from the bottom up:
lh: c e (a third apart), rh: b d f#
this can be thought of as a b minor triad over c. the rh triad can be inverted too, giving three possible top notes for the voicing.

a rootless version could be played like this:
lh: e a d (quartal), rh:  b minor triad (any inversion)
this includes the 6th as well as the major 7th.

if you must play the chord in one hand, try this rootless voicing:
b d e f# (or any of its inversions).
when can i use that chord (cmaj9 #11) ???

any practical idea...?
the best answer is "wherever you think it sounds good" - it's jut another color.  a lot of folks use it at the end of tunes or phrases
"just" not jut
cmaj9#11 is a lydian-type chord (the lydian scale is the major scale with the fourth raised a semitone).  the instance of this chord that everyone knows occurs in 'happy birthday to you'.  if you play it in g, where it goes 'happy birthday dear chacky', the chord on the first syllable of 'chacky' is cmaj#11.

before this leads you into the temptation of the lydian world, be sure to read 7's critical analysis (posted here not too long ago).

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