dear learn jazz piano

recently i have gone back to boogie. i'm playing with a double bass player doing rockin' boogie, jump blues and jivin' rock'n'roll - and lovin' it!  
but i am so worried that i am going to hurt my jazz playing - which has progressed nicely over the last few years as i explore voicings and colours. it's all on hold as i crave boogie bass lines and flashy licks.....but the guilt i feel for neglecting my jazz stuff is real.

how can i reconcile my indulgence (boggie-woogie) with my love for the romantic jazz ballad (bill evans, keith jarret, dave mckenna) and be-bop bud?

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its like this chris you see.  
basically we piano players are like the mafiosa.
for the most part we do not consult psychiatrists about what we play.
we just play what we please with the greatest of ease.
what's to reconcile?  it's all part of your stew man
boogie helps solidify your time and is great for your technique, so i would say that will only help your jazz playing:o)  aside from that, i don't really see what the concern is, as long as you are enjoying it.
sometimes my brain gets saturated with modulations,substitutions,alterations etc.and i spend a few days plaing j.l.lewis or chuck berry songs where all i have to worry is timing but when the rush is over i´m back trying out my 37th version of summer samba chorus
ok back in equilibrium!

i guess i was getting a little saturated with substitutions etc and rather than take a break from the piano altogether, i will boogie my heart out (i'm diggin' freddie slack, pete johnson, amos milburn at the moment, as well as jll/j.johnson).

other benefits i am finding from playing boogie in new keys is that it really helps me to 'see' the key on the piano - with the i,iv,v chords becoming sort of 'reference points': making it easier to tranpose any kind of tune.

and boogie is great for technique - my under used boogie muscle was becoming weak but it is now powerful again!


it doesn't need to be either/or.  i'm playing 'walk between the raindrops' a lot these days (steely dan thing), which has an almost-boogie feel plus plenty of changes.  i'm also enjoying a ska arrangement of '4 on 6'.  as someone said - try anything once, except incest and morris dancing.

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