this is really fun to watch...this pianist has a huge bag of tricks!  apparently she was playing a classical concert in germany, and asked the audience to sing a german song to her.  she then uses the theme to improvise.  if i could have a tiny fraction of her left hand skill i would be thrilled.

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her piano technique is as good as she is pretty. =)
i enjoyed that and some of her other videos. it occured to me while watching just how much classical music, with all its own vocabulary and cliches, can be used as a medium for improvisation just like jazz.
that's really fun. what a talent!
i really appreciated her willingness to drop the memory and just improvise, that was cool. but i think i prefer keith jarrett's spontaneous compositions more.
i read about her several years ago in piano today, nice to hear her do her thing!  in her interview she says she'd been improvising classical style music since she was 4 or so.  impressive stuff.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
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great find !!
not really fair to compare people to jarrett. if you do that then no one will ever be of any value.
good point mike! jarrett is somewhat of a god, but he's also set the standard really high for theme based improvisation.  
i don't know much about gabriela, but what i heard was not that stimulating, in the way that jarrett's improvisations are. ***however i maintain my respect for her fearlessness*** taking a theme (in front a classical audience) and improvising with it is no easy feat. what spirit!
a note to the original poster, i didn't really notice anything exciting in the left hand, what part exactly were you talking about?
i suppose it is the variety of textures that she employed with her left hand that impressed me.  not only was she using a wide array of devices (walking bass, large chords, etc), but she also used classical phrasing and cadences, which is something i almost never hear improvised.  sure, someone like benny green or any other jazz pianist can use a variety of left hand textures, but almost no one sounds classical.  except maybe for jarrett, but i don't listen to him much.
keith jarret is god? lol

i guess i missed the memo on that one. i can't stand his playing or the incessant noises that he makes while improvising, plus he is an asshole!

merry christmas :)
jazz virtuoso
god is, of course, an over statement. i'm truly sorry that you don't dig his music. once you get past the noises it's really incredible. especially check out his 1970's american quartet.
i liked him with charles lloyd.  that's when i was playing sax.
i can't stand keith jarrett's moaning either, but his piano playing is some of the most exquisite on the planet.
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