hi folks,

i'm breaking my own rule by posting off topic here, but i guess that's my privilege :)

i've never heard of a game called "duck duck goose" before and a friend of mine says i'm insane or recently returned alien abduction case or something.

from asking strangers, i realize it's a well known game.  

so, who here has heard of this game?  who hasn't? and, where are you from?
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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hi scot, yes, we used to play that game all the time at various jewish summer camps in upstate ny in my early teens. great for raging teen-age hormones. by the way, i'm not a jew, i'm jew-ish


dave frank
hmmm...i know i'm insane, but i hadn't considered the alien abduction theory...

so what is "duck duck goose"?  

(or is it something that should not be described here?)
i haven't played it in many years (too many to say), but i remember playing it. more often i remember playing many other now forgotten games, all of which were out of doors. more to the point, the players stood in a large circle facing the center of the circle. one person would walk around the outside of the circle tapping the standing players on the head. the walker would call out duck on most of the taps but when the tap was accompanied by the word goose, the tapper and the tappee would both run around the outside of the circle trying to beat each other back to the spot on the circle where the tappee stood. the first one there "won"and the loser was the tapper. i hope you understand this synopsis.
and here i always thought that it was a game played in prison showers.

someone would throw a bar of soap at you and when you ducked ...
i think it's a classic game that everyone plays in the early school years- kids still play it. maybe you were to busy practing?  

i doubt mozart played it.
it's a children's game that i played at parties and groups as a kid.
i don't remember exactly how it went.
i was born and raised in colorado -- denver area.
wdennissorrell wins!  
that's a fine description of duck-duck-goose.
but where are you from?  scot's trying to get an idea if this game is regional or something.
sorry about that. i was raised in the cincinnati, ohio area.
so they're nouns instead of verbs
lol dr. whack!  yes, they're nouns.  
you, like scot, must hail from no-mans-duck-duck-goose land.
i was sheltered...
hi scot,

i didn't recognize it by that name but based on "wdennissorrell" description i can say i have played it here in panama when i was younger.
i have played that game before as a child growing on the streets of new york
i'd never heard of it though my wife had.  i'm from oregon and she's from ohio.  maybe it is regional.
i grew up near washington, dc, and played it as a kid.  it was also played at my kid's birthday parties when they were younger (pre-school)...also in dc.
grew up in vancouver, wa/portland, or, and yes, i have heard of it

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