i have uploaded some new information on how to memorize chord extensions. what i am going to teach you has never been thought up in any piano school and has only been thought up by me.  

if you like, you can come and check out my file in the technique and exercises page.

a different scott :)

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this is exactly the same as polychord theory. it is not "original" as you assert.

that being said it is still a valid way of arriving at an easy way to derive the common extensions.

thank you for your contribution.

thanks for the compliment.
link to this?

you will find it in the techniques and exercises page. it's the first link.
hmmm... i actually find your method of memorizing extensions to be more labor intensive than my current method, which is just that i can "see" all the tones of the scale immediately and don't have to "count" up to them.  it's a visual memory thing, like memorizing the topography of a scale.  and a chord is just a different way of configuring the tones of a particular scale.

really? because for me, if i think of extensions in terms of scales, it takes me a long time to figure everything out. the methods that i created for myself work better for me. but in your case, the opposite seems to work better for you. i guess its all about what works for a person and what doesn't work.
unable to access link to file

on some boards it is considered a breach of internet etiquette to have more than one account.

i know forums that will actually boot you off for creating a second account.

in any case, keep up the good work and keep writing articles. it doesn't matter where a "student" gets their information from as long as it is correct.

just don't try to claim common sense / common knowledge observations as "new or original".  

as with any discipline or knowledge, the best way to internalize (aka "memorize") a subject is to use it in context. soon it becomes second nature and there is no more conscious thought process involved.


the file opens fine for me. maybe mr ranney has got an idea why you're having troubles downloading ...

really? nobody has ever booted me off a forum for having multiple accounts. on yahoo.com, i have like 20 unnecessary accounts that i do not use anymore and i have forgotten all of them. one time, my account was hacked and i lost all my data.

sorry, you got the first 2 correct(loveforjazz, and scot34), but i don't recall ever having an account under the user "ryan".
according to your loveforjazz profile, your nickname is ryan.
7 - how do we know you are not loveforjazz/scott34/ryan too?
where is the secret hidden button to view the original posters mysterious files?
this has to be the most crytic website i have ever been in.

click on
wow yeh, i can not begin to remember all the accounts i have here.  mike, dr mike and many lol i aint never gonna admit.

these typos have been fixed. also, a lot of additions to my file have been made.
nope, still cannot find it. and i guess links don't work here just like there's no edit ever.

i am not an expert at the computer, but you might need to update your version of adobe reader, because that's what i used. adobe reader 9.0, its free.
link.  once in that room, click on "list files"  you'll find it there.
all i find is this old stuff:

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rodmunros -- 03/07/2009, 20:12:37 -- #43970  
hola tegno problemas  entre el los enlaces ii  y v    porfavor necesito mas recursos  
valle -- 01/02/2009, 16:31:43 -- #43357  
c major or blue-notes  
first you could play the chords as single notes with changed rhythm and sequence. you could add an extra tone for each chord. for example face-> g as a 9th. cegb -> f as a 9th.

or you could play the tones of c major. in fact you are doing this using my first hint. (major c, because alle chords fit into it.)

or what you could do, play the minor 3th (blue 3th) shortly followed by major 3th in every major-chord. this min3th and min7th are called bluenotes.

try using a few notes that are not in the basic tuning (which is c major in this case).

gaxton -- 12/12/2008, 05:54:34 -- #43221  
lh chords vs rh scales  
hello everyone, pls i need help on what scales to play on right hand when playing left hand chords like:

    lh               rh
    fm7(face)        ?
    fabe             ?
    cegb             ?

in fact i want to understand how u play scales o0n your right while playing major 7 or 9th chords on your left hand.... thanks
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click on
when i started to learn jazzpiano and i was getting dizzy from all the extentions and voicings i worked out method ,which i founding out now is called polychords my basic table was very helpfull and ig goes something like this  

                      to play  maj7 chord  play min7   in   3rd  
                               min7             maj7   in  b3rd
                               dom7             min7b5 in   3rd
                               min7b5           minmaj7 in  b3rd  
experimenting with inversiones of this chords is also ineresting.

now this is playing in 3rd and b3rd but this way can be made tables for the 2,5 ,6 and 7th  eg.
  to play maj7   play  min7  in 2nd  
          dom7         maj7  in 7th ...

i found it also it an interesting tool for improvizing since as you can think of certain chord as some other chord also you can teoretically carefully  use same scales and improv. devices interchangibly ?  im still on it finding out    
and taking this even farther ,teoretically  easy eg.

if you play maj7 with min7 in 3rd you could play that maj7 also playing  maj7 in b3rd of mentioned min7 thus you as well are playing  
on maj7 another  maj7 in 5th ,this way you are playing extention 9 and
+11 or b5 if im not mistaken,and this could possibly  go on and on adding other exentions ?

isnt that crazy
i forgot, please excuse my grammar and style i just had a funky skyeurope flight
nope, nada, nothing... i just wasted another 20 minutes trying to find the files.
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