i can't help noticing that for quite a long time there is no replies to new messages in the piano lounge. i (as well as others) have posted several new messages and days even weeks goes by without any replies.
anyway it seems that there is not much activity for more serious topics in here anymore am i right? most of the answered topics are more or less topics that does not deal with specific problems. but more topics that does not really demand that much from the ones who reply or topics that have already been answered 100 times. (don't get me wrong im not trying to offend anybody and i'm not shooting at or judging topics by quality)  topics like: listen to my playing on youtube, which scale do you use on c7sus4 (topics that have been answered several times) etc. seems to be the only ones people answer. is everybody bailing out or just generally to busy doing other things than lpj?
There are 8 comments, leave a comment.
it seems to ebb and flow, but i think summer is usually slower.

another thing that i'm sure about is that this forum is complicated to use and hard to navigate.  

i need to change to different forum software but i also need to import the stuff from this forum into it.  i made a very slick forum system that i'd love to use here, but i'm having a heck of a time coming up with a way to import the old data, users, files, etc...  hopefully soon!  i work on it every few days.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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well, i haven't gone here as often as i used to. i wouldn't conclude that ljp is dying.
i have been posting here for years... it seems to be running par for the course to me.  there are always ups and downs but fact is sometimes there are threads that motivate responces and sometimes not.  right now there has not been a whole lot of ones that do.  a couple of examples:
the thread by the guy that says his solos suck has generated a lot of responces.... ones like that usually do.... people usually never tire of talking about how they know the secrets of improvisation better than others in this forum.   on the other hand the "what do you think of this" thread?" elicits no responce because... sure its a solid trio doing a decent enough job with a time tested tune but with all the video's presented here of total monster players it leaves one asking...
  what do i think of this compared to what?.... compared to my trios i guess its ok ... compared to mccoy tyners trio its a little lame...
so i think most people just do not comment to avoid the risk of sounding egotistical or hyper critical not knowing who the players are in the group.  i certaily do not think it is a indication of lack of activity.
    the secondary dominant thread got plenty of activity.    i think the forum is plenty healthy and the threads with topics deserving of attention are getting it.  then again that is just my opinion.  then again as we all know my opinion is pdi (pretty damn important).
well said dr. mike.

i usually stop by here once or twice a day to see if there is anything interesting going on. sometimes i comment, sometimes i don't.   sometimes i ask a question and  get some very useful answers.

i think the forum thriving just fine.  i would bet there are a lot of lurkers who benefit from the plethora of discussions too
i like to have a read and i reply to posts where i have something to add. i don't always have anything to add though.  

i must admit the recent hacking activities have given me the heebie jeebies, i don't want to feel my computer is under threat if i am visiting the site, and that is a bit of a worry. as for usability i think the site is quite non-standard and hard to find your way around. the only area i really use is this forum (which is great). could the site be rebuilt simply, using the forum as the core? would wordpress or one of the free forum hosting packages make it easier to use and more secure? ie. perhaps you don't need to reinvent the wheel by re-coding everything yourself.

i appreciate everything you do scot and i think the forum is a great place for discussion, but certainly the security thing, and usability, is something of an issue.

as for answering questions time and again, perhaps with a more standard system there would be a way to group threads or perform a search and simply direct people to older threads where applicable. but i'm not really sure it matters. reiteration of key concepts isn't a bad thing. and this site isn't labelled 'learn jazz piano - advanced', it is for people of all levels, so simpler questions are bound to be asked. i also think there is no shortage of more advanced topics/questions on the board.

to reiterate scot, i appreciate what you do here.
as a frequent lurker and occasional poster, i must say that i'm lurking less these days.  this is, in part, because there seems to be less activity (i can check in once a week and easily catch-up with the new posts).  in part, its also because i'm at a point in my playing where i've learned much of what i can from the threads that tend to dominate the new posts.  not to say i've learned it "all", or even close...i'm just at a point where i need to practice and apply what i've learned before i'm ready to take in the stuff at the next level.

it seems to me that i've seen this thread before...during a lull, people worry if the forum is dying.  then things pick-up again for a while, and the concern goes away.  in any event, i hope it stays around for a while, since it has been very helpful to me, and i suspect to many other lurkers.

well, as yogi berra said; "i'm not in a slump, i'm just not hitting as good these days."

i believe like the others that this site's activity is cyclic.
i keep coming back for the pearls, as scarce as they are, there is
value in scarcity.  i can't think of another site on the web that
meets my jazz piano needs in this unique way.

long live ljp

hi everyone;
i just found this site and joined tonight. don't go anywhere, i have a lot of catching up to do. i'm glad you all are here.

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