ok... there is a lot of good stuff to talk about here i think.  it is a real lot so i am going to compartmentalize because i can only handle so much at one time.  i am just going to try to address the rap part of the conversation for now and get back to the don pullen one later which i really want to address too.
   most importantly dr. whack you did not upset me.  not in the slightest.  but i do disagree with you and because i dig how you look at so many things i want to try to turn  you on to how i see this rap thing.  same with all of you.
there are two artists in particular that i think in particular might help y'all get in touch with this whole rap and hip hop thing from a more positive view point.  one is quincy jones  and the other is notorius b.i.g..  
   quincy jones put out an album a while back called "back on the block".  if you do not own it now you should go buy at your first opurtunity.  if you don't have the money skip a few meals.  starve  to
get the money... it's worth it.  
   at one point in his life quincy jones suffered a brain hemmorage in the form of a brain anneurysm hemmoraging.  when he survived this
via emergency brain surgery surgeons found that he had another aneurysm on the other side of his brain that would require another brain surgery months later. the odds of surviving these medical conditions are minimal.  i know this for fact and in intricate detail becuse the same exact thing happened to me in  my life.
   when a you have a blood vessel burst in your brain which is what happened to quincy (and to me)  (pat martino is another famous musician that this happened to) the causes brain dammage.  you suffer serious memory loss.  in my case i had to re learn how to play piano virtually from scratch after having been a pro for many years.  if you read about pat martino he had a similar experience to me only he was famous before his anneurysm and re learned how to play by listening to his own famous recordings.
    anyways when quicy jones felt he had finally recoverd from his brain surgerys several years later he decided to put together an album and call it "back on the block"  meaning to say "i am back"
and boy did he come back with a bang.  in my opinion the best album ever made.  he hires all the best singers available at the time.  all the most talented young black singers  al b sure   barry white....  just killer vocals all the way through  but he weaves them in an incredale way with rap and with miles davis and splicing in ella fitzgerald vocals...  it is a blend of every musical style but the
main statement is about rap.. he is basically teaching in the midst of all this great music saying  "rap is for real just like miles, just like ella just like bird"    
   that is why i am saying if you do not understand rap  one great way to learn about it is from quincy jones... he is a jazz master who put out an amazing album which one of its goals was to teach everyone what rap was and how it is here and it is here to stay.  he stated it with pasion the pasion of a man who has more knowledge about music than any of us and the pasion of a man who was happy to be alive and elated to be back.. back on the block.
    maybe i'll write about notorius b.i.g next time.  for now suffice it say  rent the movie  notoruis... it is an easy and relatively enjoyable way to learn a lot about rap.  notorius was a phenomenon.
a prodigy.  the actor in the movie while rapping is reminisent of bird.  looks like a great saxaphone player bobing back and forth,
helps you apreciate the absolute mastery of rhythm and improvisation that a  truly great rapper has.  and the idiom is so competitive even the ones that make it on a small scale in general have to a hell of a lot more talent than a jazz or classical player does to make it on a small scale.
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