i thought it might be fun to share what historic keyboard relics some of us are hording.  i'll begin:

in the garage:
2 roland fp8s
yamaha dx7
korg m1
fender rhodes 73 stage (destroyed)

in the basement,
baldwin m (5"2" grand)
kimball artist console (vertical)
hammond bv w/leslie 31h
hammond m3
rhodes 73 stage,  excellent condition
yamaha dx7
yamaha cp 80 (retired from earth wind & fire)
oberheim ob-xa
moog the rogue (used to use it for bass)

we also have a wurlitzer spinet that was my wife's

i'll start another page for guitars, drums etc...i may have to rent a bobcat to clean this place out
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okay...i just turned 50 last week.  it's starting already...
what no prophet-5?  maybe you had the horn section covered already.
i think someone in l.a. hot-rodded the rhodes circa 1979 to get some really harsh attacks i.e. donald fagen et. al.
would love to tour your 'museum' he he.
ha!  i chose the ob-xa over the prophet 5  (ob had 8 note polyphony heh heh)

yeah there was a company called dyno my rhodes that hot rodded them for some real bite and incredible sustain.  a friend of mine had his dynomyzed.  i think it cost him $1500!  we took his an mine apart trying to figure out what they did...we never figured it out.

i guess this is a rather useless thread as most folks take out the garbage now and then:)
i'm not belonging to the historic models but here are the list of the gears i use and still have:

korg m1
roland rd-150

i use mostly in the restaurant, rd-150 and the trinityplus with bc3.
yeah doc, i really liked those obx-8's with their nice fat sound.
however as i recall they cost more than my vw bus.
not a uselsess thread by the way.  i've been 50 for 7 years now.
how do you save all that stuff?  heh, whenever i got a new rig i had to sell the old rig to stay afloat!

that being said, i did save my very first keyboard, the very first keyboard that ever had midi actually, the casio cz-101.  not a pro keyboard, but great for making noise.

i also have a rhodes 88 i'm turning into a piano player's dream (like fixing up an old corvette, eh?)  i put bumps on the action and man it really has a good feel.  i installed new hammers and have new dampers to put in.  need a pedal.

i found a hammond m3 at a second hand store. i think they thought it was broken, you know it's kind of tricky to turn them on if you don't know how.  i was walking down the path through loads of junk and went past an organ section. you know, blue, yellow, orange chits to turn on bad sounding clarinets and such, then my brain said "wait" because i had passed an organ with drawbars.  i stepped back, looked at it, and yes, a hammond, but not as big as a b3.  i looked around, plugged it in, and man, it started right up.  the drawbars were a bit dirty but i've cleaned those.

it was on sale for $30, and 50% off.  so i got a pretty nice hammond m3 for $15 plus tax. cool, eh?

that's it for my equipment.   oh, i also have a honer melodica copy that my brother currently is holding for some kind of ransom. not sure what teh deal is. i'll steal it back later.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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fender rhodes 73
gem keyboard
roland fp1
keilwert alto saxophone
kawai upright piano
gretsch roundbadge drums 12,14,18
gretsch stopsign drums 12,14,18
gretsch sqare badge drums 8,10,12,13,20 (the one i use most often)
a bunch of cymbals and snares
think i need a bopcat too or maybe a bebopcat lol
i have a korg r2-d2.
scot, if you think someday would like to give your casio cz-101 please snail it to me, i'd like to get it but it's very rare to use is as a small midi control for laying ethnic sounds as it allows small keys so i can play better than on large keys especially for our ethnic music.
dang scot - my wife paid $50 for my m3! :) (but i got the bv w/leslie for free:)  in fact the reason i have some of these relics is because they were given to me.  (i didn't say they all work:)
most honorable dr. whack, i think perhaps you are a packrat, at least that's what i am so often referred to by my lovely better half.
a leslie!!  mine didn't come with that, wish it did, although the m3 does have a build in speaker that's good enough for messing around on.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
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