the hand.

chang, in his book, attributes this advanced fingering technique to saint-saens.

to illustrate this technique using the descending "chromatic crush run" that i mentioned above:

when moving down from the eb-d db-c b position (321) to the bb-a ab-g gb-f e position (4321), as the hand changes position to play the bb with the ring finger, the entire body of the hand moves over so that the thumb is already positioned above the e well before it arrives.

this "thumb over" technique works equally efficiently with both scalar phrases and arpeggios. it is fast, comfortable and avoids the awkward two-step arm- and wrist-twisting maneuver associated with crossing the thumb under.

while "thumb under" crossings are certainly preferred for dealing with slow one-note legato passages, the "thumb over" technique is preferable for fast scalar and arpeggiated passages.

* * * * * * *
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here's two octave chromatic run i use n balkan music and jazz too, a serbian accordion technique i learned from balkan music:

*starting from c3 through c4 till c5*

12 12 123 12 121_23 12 123 12 12 121_2 etc..

but, i find the run 13 better on piano.

1 2 3 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 | [size="4"]1 2 3 4[/size] | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3
convenient, eh?

pattern 2, however, does not transition to pattern 1 in a similar overlapping manner.

rather, the two different three-finger positions at the end of pattern 2 and the beginning of pattern 1 are simply butted together:

[center]c c# d d# | e f f# | g g# a a# | [size="3"]b c c# || d d# e[/size] | f f# g g# | a a# b | c c# d d#

1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 4 | [size="4"]1 2 3 || 1 2 3[/size] | 1 2 3 4| 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 4[/center]
that blows
with thanks to dr whack.
well, thanks 7 - but i don't think i had anything to do with your very organized presentation.  too bad the formatting didn't turn out here.  this will be very helpful for teachers and students alike.

this article covers advanced fingering techniques such as liszt's "thumb over", seth geitner's "speed fingering", "thumb on a black note", etc.
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