ok, poll, how many of you when hearing a piano player that blows you away, such as your idol whoever (or is that whomever?) that might be, get discouraged with regards to comparing your playing to your idol's and want to quit, and how many of you get a renewed determination to work even harder?

i've always been one of those "work harder" kind of guys.  i'm also so hard on myself when it comes to playing music and life in general that i sometimes lose sight of the fact that i'm an accomplished player and people enjoy it.  sigh, don't ever strive to be a perfectionist and if you're a natural perfectionist, i'm sorry!
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i always get inspired when i hear great players and great music.  that makes me wanna practice and play.  it's when i hear recordings of myself that i become discouraged.  but as time heals all wounds, eventually i get back to it.
it has always inspired me (hearing a great player) to work harder, knowing it was possible to make music sound like that!
when i was  younger it inspired me.  now that i am a miserablle old man it makes me quit.  for example.  the other day i was thinking of brushing up on chick's "spain" ... then i stumbled upon a utube video of a 13 year old kid that dr whack posted playing it better than i ever will.  i said screw that... i am never playing that tune again.
sometimes i play recordings of myself and say.. woa "i am not that good anymore"  i should have quit in my prime like the athletes do...
but what it really comes down to is something that has been hit on in another thread... i do this because i have no choice... i am drawn to the piano like it is a magnet and i am metal...  i keep working on it inspired or not,,,  i can not help it ... it is in my soul or my blood or whatever you want to call it.
hearing a great player always makes me want to work harder and keep at it.  it's dealing with musicians on a personal level that makes me want to give up and sell insurance.
lol, now js your post i find inspiring
i never want to quit, ever. when i hear any musician that blows me away, i usually just listen in awe and then wipe away the drool from the left side of my mouth.
i do get discouraged for a day or two sometimes after seeing some great player especially those younger then myself but then the next day im back on the wagon ,the piano sucks my in and i cant help it.

one consolation is  that many youtube videos that had me discouraged a year ago now dont anymore since ive progressed and can play it too and that helps my thinkin ,things aint that bad and important is to have fun also  

i remember when i started singin 25 years ago and many times i been discouraged and awed by others ,by i kept on singing partly also because it was my bread and after 15 years of doing it i never get discouraged again ,i could liken it to  what oscar peterson calls musical muscle  ,now i think with jazz piano i will eventually get there also ,it just need perserverance ,hard work and whats probably most important ,passion
i'm a bit of both, sometimes i hear great players live and it makes me wonder why on earth i'm bothering and i think i should quit.  however, that tends to be a knee-jerk reaction and i normally calm down the next day and put it into perspective.

i don't know why my default feeling should be inadequacy but it is.

conversely, if i'm listening to a great player on a recording, that just seems to inspire me to want to run to the piano and make some music myself.

i don't know why i perceive live and recorded performances differently in these terms but, again, i do.

musicians are weird! ;-)
we have that picture of the bird in the river saying "never give up" in our kitchen now. i like the picture. perhaps the bird makes some sense.
then there's the "turd in the river" philosophy, which is basically to let those negative feelings float by as you would the proverbial turd in the river...
profound doctor, how profound.  ... nice thought.  reminds me of kenny werners meditation teachings.
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