folks, it looks like i'll be broadcasting my kj masterclass live on the internet via ustream friday night 1/8 from 7 -8:30 est. the url to go to is:

this will be an adventure for all of us, it sounds easy, let's see how it works, feedback appreciated! i'll be exploring the recent solo playing of the great keith through video and audio recordings.

join me from your house, call out for chinese for a complete experience.

dave frank
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yay!  can't wait.  two masters for the price of one.
almost like being there.
jeez, i hope it comes out ok, i'm so bad at that technical shit!
be sure to keep any potential tomato tossers away from the equipment and it will be fine.
very cool
decisions, decisions, it is tempting now to stay home and watch this one on the internet and drive out another time.
and then when you added "call out for chinese for a  complete experience"  i just started picturing myself with this huge buffet of chinese food spread out on top of my steinway next to my laptop.  and the brilliant idea of also hiring a geisha girl to come watch the master class with me ... make her poof her hair up to look like hiromi and i will pretend i am watching with hiromi while i feed my face with fried shrimp and chop suey...  wow the deal became pretty sealed.
mike, i appreciate most of your fantasy...but spreading chinese food on a steinway is  offensive to me...perhaps you could spread it on the geisha girl instead?
it's always about the food dr. whack.
i understand... normally i have a "nothing on top of the piano rule"  i even used to put that in my contracts when i used to bring a piano i owned into nightclubs.  my thought here was however... that this would such a magnificent event as to even cicumvent this most unbreakable of all rules.
but honestly now my sister said maybe we could take the train in from conneticut... and well i have never been on a train ... so i am torn again.
take the train and have cocktails - it's a gas
7:13 est

sound levels not set correctly. clipping.

why isn't the camera aimed at the keyboard?
7:19 est

difficult to understand speaking
lavalier mic might be the solution here.
7:26 est

jarrett video audio clipping
7:31 est

it sounds as if the jarrett video is being picked up by an open air mic, video sound quality would be better by hooking the audio output directly into the ustream interface.
7:35 est

even the chat users are now complaining that it's difficult to hear dave speaking.

lavalier mic is needed.
7:41 est

while dave is seated at the piano it is impossible to hear him speak
ok, i give up.

1. lavalier mic on dave

2. camera must be on the keyboard

3. video output must link direct

thank you for trying dave!

i'm sure the next one will be better.
alls you had to do was adjust the volume control right below the video screen.
my mac is hooked up to a stereo system in my house... i had a great experience... awesome class dave.  the audio of your voice could of been better at times but it was entirely acceptable and audible in my home once i found the volume control under the video screen.   awesome lessons about charlie banacos playing one note for 8 hours and the teaching about velocity, touch and depth.  and also the part about listening for the ring was intriguing to say the least.
also the guy that was typing dictation of everything you said was way cool... it would be cool if that was published somewhere too.
ok, thanks guys. i took me all week to get it that good and i guess it suckt. i'm soo bad at this shit as i said, what kind of guy should i hire who knows how to work this tech stuff? should i give it another try, i enjoyed the concept but don't know if i can get it up to snuff..

thanks for tuning in amigos.




yes, you should. i'm positive that this could have been an exceptional learning experience for me (and others) if it weren't for the audio problems (and not being able to see what your fingers were doing).
i was able to watch a replay with perfect results as well.  try going back and see if you can get it to do a replay for you.
i think the camera in he case had to be either focused on the videos of keith or on the piano.  for this class the focus i believe was the keith dvds
it would take 2 cameras or a cameraman moving around i guess to get the piano and the video monitor front and center, not sure if it's doable..the replay on ustream seemed alot better the the live stream for some reason..

thanks for your time and interest

i just checked the video is still there to watched right now with the audio working just fine.. 11 :50 pm eastern time
hey dave,  

i'm like mike, i got most of it. at times, it was difficult to hear, and i suspect, for some people, really difficult.  
if you get a second mic closer to you and mix it with the other (that one was ok), then i think you got it figured out.  

i loved the part where you demonstrated bringing voices in front. it's gonna make me listen to kj a little differently from now on.  

i wouldn't worry so much about a second camera, i didn't particularly need to see. did people in the audience see? get the mic thing worked out, and you're good.  

bottom line is you had 50 people on-line that stayed for the whole thing. clearly people liked it, or else would have tuned out.  

yeah, you should absolutely do it this way again, and in fact, i can't wait to hear about bird.
thanks ol bean, see you tomorrow, it will be better next time. yeah, kj gets better every time you listen to him. he's figured out the entire human genome by himself.

dave, i am terribly sorry to admit that i missed your class online, i only hope that you will attempt it again. by the way it should have gone well since a certain tomato throwing individual stayed at home.
the class can be seen in its entirety at type in my name and it should come up, the sound is pretty ok there..

while i am technically inept at setting up even midi, this must have been a real bear.  
watching ahead for the 'new improved' dave frank video stream.
thanks again dave, i was able to watch the video. unfortunately from my perspective i must agree with jeff that often i was completely unable to understand what was being said. the piano was quite loud by comparison (and clipped), the video of kj was acceptable. i am not trying to be negative but i would really like to see you continue and make another presentation. probably the biggest improvement would be with a lavalier mic. thanks and please keep up the good work.
thank you. lavalier mic ordered, sound man hired. sorry to waste your time, we'll try again with bird on feb 10th. many thanks for everyone's time, interest and comments. i do think that done correctly this technology will allow us all to share what we know and love with everyone directly.  

i think with each one for a while you will most likely find many ways to improve upon the broadcasting aspect of it.  if that was not the case why would there be people out there making good careers out of perfecting broadcasting.  to get it perfect or near perfect should be a challenge.  howvever i think the first one was a huge success just finding out that it can be done... what a groundbreaker!  there is no end to how far you could go with this or where it could lead.
yeah, we can all go with this, it's a huge educational breakthrough for the planet i think:)i was thinking we could include home-made commercials that would be the larry sanders garden weasel..or we could get side-kicks or do rowan and martin skits, geritol spots or...

dancing girls would be my personal preference dave.
dave, the program was definitely not a waste of my time by any measure. what i heard was both interesting and helpful. it is only that when i couldn't hear you i would wonder if you could still speak if someone restricted your gesturing. plus i had to watch just in case mike showed up with any vegetative matter. thanks for what you have done and what you are planning on doing.
i hired a swat team and a gaggle of ex-green berets (they're all 85 now)
to restrain mike if he showed up, they ended up tackling a homeless guy named larry..meeting with pro sound man today to get it together for next time..

cool should be a good match as i am bringing some ex marines with me who used to work as bouncers for me when i used to own nightclubs.
maybe we can bill it as a masterclass/fightclub.  by the way dave are you a yankees fan now that you moved to nyc?  my marines are insisting they are going to wear red sox hats to the next class.
dave, you could also consider putting a recording on youtube. this may give a better quality, and it could attract a larger audience.
no keep it live.  reality is the key.  that is at least half of what makes it so cool.  a utube recording... well you might as well just get hal leonard to publish another book or dvd if you are going to do that... boring in comparison.
i agree that live is key.  
plus youtube only allows 10 minutes.  
however, if you really want traffic, cut a portion of the program, post it on youtube, and point people at ustream for the next class. you might get more people than you can handle.
great christophe, thanks.

i said "also" mike - and remember there are many more timezones than the american ones.  
imao unless there is some kind of interaction with the live audience, it actually makes not a jot of difference if something is live or not.
i see the "also".  i believe "utube" is beneath the standards of the quality artist we are talking about here.  d frank has already released quality dvd's on major lables and should continue to do that rather than take a step down to "utube".  the attempt here is to   teach a large class in real time via the internet.  a unique and admiralbe attempt by one of the leading jazz educators in the country.
i do however see knottys point that utube might be a valid way of increasing awareness about the live broadcasting of the masterclass.
as far as your view on it only being valid with a great deal of audience participation i could not disagree more.  if you watched the first one you saw we were also treated to a concert in real time at the begining of the class by one of the leading jazz pianists of our time and then in real time playing while teaching.  there was also a dialouge box where anyone in the world was allowed to comment and ask questions to the moderator.  wow   who could ask for anything more?
i asked the moderator if it was snowing...  i found out it was snowing lightly outside the masterclass the exact temperature and the forecast for the next day in manhattan.
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