for those of you who have an iphone, and want a convenient metronome, i discovered itick is a free application that emulates a traditional metronome. i now use it all the time when practicing.  perhaps if anyone else has discovered any useful music related apps they might post here.
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i have beatmaker - it is relatively expensive for an iphone app but its by far and away my favourite app ! closer to an akai mpc then you would think...

downloaded itick and like it.  will try beatmaker.  downloaded harmonica for 59p - a snip.  it seems like a lot of fun so far.  kai
beatmaker is £11.99 !
that seems out of line, at least to me, kai.
"things that used to be free"  chris rock... water and a telephone ringing.  now we buy bottled water and we buy ring tones.  we will only use tap water to wipe our asses and a regular ring ring ring just ain't good enough for us anymore.
i will stick to my korg metronome for the moment thanks.
and i filter my tap water for drinking..  
but i am ashamed after listeining to c rock i did pay $3 for a giant steps ring tone and another $3 for a "your sex is on fire" ring tone to assign specifically to one special lady.
tv was originally wireless and phones originally used cables...which is better and why?
tv used to be free to come to think of it... now it is pretty much a major cause of my impending bancruptcy.  i hate my cable bill.
when i was a kid, we had three channels. 18 hours a day (6am to midnight).

on those three channels (abc, nbc, cbs) there was nothing but mindless garbage 99% of the those eighteen hours.

now we have five million channels, with nothing but 99% mindless garbage 24/7.

i don't even watch tv anymore, but my wife does. so i'm stuck with this huge cable bill every month. it's stupid. i don't even understand why i'm paying for something that i never use.

we go over to people's houses. they leave the tv on and then talk over the top of it.

their conversations are so boring that i end up concentrating on the tv, but they're making so much noise that i miss half of what's said on the tube.

what's wrong with this picture?
apparently the iphone real book app is good - it has all the real books (three i think) and you can instantly transpose any song into any key.  so its pretty useful.

also i've found the screen big and clear enough to read on a gig.  actually i've used it on gigs quite a few times and its very useful.
7 i am with ya.. there is a lot wrong with this picture.  there is a lot wrong with the reason why i do not just haul my tv out in the yard and set it on fire too.  i am already percieved as a bit crazy.. i spend most of my time alone practicing piano... composing... whatever...   when they find out i do not have a piano it will confirm to them that i am anti social and they will be even more afraid of me.  do i care what they think... no but i do care when it means they are more likely to call the police on me for any little thing and say that "crazy weirdo who lives in that house over there"
to not have a tv is non conformist behavior and sometimes there is a price to be paid for being non conformist... call me paranoid... well
i might call it cautious,  plus i am a bit of a trekie.
and yah my bass player has an iphone and has the real book app and ya that is pretty amazing, but not as amazing as if i had a borg implant of real book right in my brain.
well a different point of view is healthy guys - so frankly, i consider beatmaker a better purchase for me - it just puts you on the spot to create something, and after years and years of purchasing real books my method of learning a tune is just to listen to different versions of it, with the internet, you tube is usually perfect for this.  
i do appreciate that transposition is important - but again im happier to work it out rather than read it off an itouch screen.
not inviting flames - just calling it as i see it. setting up a rhythm on beatmaker and improvising over it does the trick for me. its not cheap at just over a tenner - but im happy with it.
true shauncooper there's nothing like learning a song by ear and by hearing heaps of different versions of it.

but its just a fact that you can't know every song, and sometimes people are going to ask you to play songs you don't know in wierd keys.  hence the real book app is pretty good.
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