thank you for your friendship and support guys, we had a ball analyzing bird's playing last night at frank and camille's in nyc. the technology really hit this time, your feedback was much appreciated. charlie sounded and looked spectacular, i used some new videos recently released on youtube with cp and coleman hawkins and buddy rich that were amazing to watch.

the class may be viewed anytime for free at:

blessings and keep swingin from 52nd st.,

dave frank

zappa's jazz and orchestra works on march 10th:)
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thank you too, dave. it was a bit late for a lesson here in germany but i enjoyed it a lot. ;-)

btw, i'm still thinking about  a way a i can "translate" your new york, tennesse and mississipi metaphors in german(for my students), i think i'm gonna use food names for this purpose, like for triplets, for example: leberwurst, le-ber-wurst lol


hi nikos, thanks man. the class is up forever as far as i can tell on ustream, it doesn't have to upset your circadian rhythms..i like the food idea, but it might make your mouth water a bit which could interrupt your should probably put on a disguise and stand outside the classroom after class saying "leberwurst sandwiches, get your leberwurst sandwiches"  

i have never heard that bird went to julliard. is that true? i don't think so.

anybody got any proof?
you know...  
in every jazz crowd that is discussing a jazz master there is always someone that has to try to make the argument that that particular jazz virtuoso must have had classical training.  because if they did not how could they have become so good?  i get so sick of it.  it is hogwash from so many angles.  then when it is clear somoeone did not have any classical training at all ... well then they must hot have been as good as every one claims...  thelonius monk a perfect case in point.  a man who clearly could not win the thelonius monk competition after whom it is named.  a man who's amazing techique is clearly documented on countless recordings.  yet he had some mental problems, no classical training of note,  so even though his amazing technique is right there to hear it is denied.   but if he could be seen in a picture sitting in a classroom at julliard no one would ever deny monk was one of the greatest and you would hear symphonies doing versions of his compositions along side gershwins.  it is such bullshit.... with out even touching the rascist part of it which is even more sickening.
i never heard of bird going to juilliard either, but miles davis did.
i can find no verification at all of his attending juilliard. that in no way diminishes his talent or impact, as his well known heroin addiction does not affect those abilities. it only renders it more sad that perhaps the greatest sax player of all time hastened his own demise through that abuse.
miles went to julliard for one semester.
the reason i brought that up is because in dave frank's masterclass on bird, some yayhoo asserted that bird went to julliard and dave responded with something like "well, ok, if you say so ..."
yeah, i never heard that one, the questioner was real insistent about it..perhaps he sang in the julliard choir..

maybe the questioner meant julie yard...i think they used to call him yard bird...but i was told that was because he fancied chicken...oy...the lore
oh yeh i paid that guy to go and heckle you but i didnt tell him to use stupid julliard questions.

great class. one thing, if you moved that camera a foot or 2 to the left, we might be able to see your hands a little better. seems like there was some room left.  

so when you analyzed the bird line, you just played it from memory?
no, i had the music from the omnibook in front of me, and had to practice koko slow slow for a couple of days so i could more or less play it. hard but fun to work on.

i had the chance to see barry harris live 3 times in the last couple of weeks, what he's doing pianistically is very interesting..lots of inner lines moving and pausing in unexpected places. he plays alot of sus4 chords on the v7, then hits all those kooky diminished tensions in the middle whilst parts of the sus4 rings..sometimes he plays a v7 with a fair amount of tension, holds it, and then hits one note real tense, like putting a cherry ontop of the frappe.

anybody know who the pianists were on "hot house" and "just friends"?
dick hyman was on hot house. i believe it was stan freeman on just friends.
hi dave
many thanks for your great class
my problem: i can not find the notes in
i appreciate any your help
best regards

it's the link at the bottom of the page.  

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