i am from panama. know playing in a restaurant where the main clients are from u.s. visiting our country.

my repertorie is based mostly by songs in spanish. i would like to know what songs are good to play for them. maybe songs that are usually requested the in us so they can have a fine night enyoing more the music and i can get some extra gratifications ($$) hehehehe...

thanks in advance.
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you can play anything you like! people overall the world can enjoy what you play if you play it from your soul, especially when it's exotic!
i would hope that u.s. tourists visting panama would be open and enjoy songs in spanish. almost everyone here knows besame mucho, guantalamera and labamba.  

here's a list of tunes that get good crowd responses at the  dueling piano bars in the u.s.  maybe some wouldn't be appropriate for and upscale restaurant.

brown eyed girl - van morrison
brown eyed girl is one of the most widely known dueling pianos sing-along songs.  can you guess why?  let me give you a hint - "sha la la la la la la la la la la tee da"

mustang sally - wilson pickett
"ride, sally ride"

pour some sugar on me - def leppard
jack and diane - john mellencamp
don't stop believing - journey
sweet caroline - neil diamond
margaritaville - jimmy buffet
paradise by the dashboard light - meatloaf
what i got - sublime
sweet home alabama - lynyrd skynyrd
roadhouse blues - the doors
old time rock and roll - bob seger
louie louie - the kingsmen trio
hey jude - the beatles
what'd i say - ray charles
shout - otis day version from animal house
i will survive - gloria gaynor
hey ya - outkast
baby got back - sir mix-a-lot
if that ain't country - (why do you drink - to get drunk!)
family tradition - hank williams jr.
friends in low places - garth brooks
ring of fire - johnny cash
take it easy - the eagles
king of the road - roger miller
r.e.s.p.e.c.t. - aretha franklin
strokin' - clarence carter

performance songs
now the dueling piano players get a chance to show their stuff.  the performance songs are the songs that the audience requests to hear them done correctly by a talented musician.  some of them are sing-a-longs anyway but for the most part these are the songs that separate the hack dueling piano players from the real ones...

piano man - billy joel
by far the most requested dueling pianos song on the planet.

tiny dancer - elton john
georgia - ray charles
just the way you are - billy joel
bennie and the jets - elton john
with a little help from my friends - joe cocker
let's stay together - al green
my girl - the temptations
let's get it on - marvin gaye
rocket man - elton john
wonderful tonight - eric clapton
unchained melody - the righteous brothers
dance songs
some can and some can't... - make you dance, that is.  the best dueling piano players can actually get their audience up and dancing.  here are a few key songs to get booties shakin'...

brick house - the commodores
still the number one dance song in the usa.

we are family - sister sledge
celebration - kool and the gang
play that funky music white boy - wild cherry
proud mary - tina turner
twist and shout - the beatles
they just want to see if you can do it - songs...
ah, yes, and our last category of dueling pianos songs - the "i just want to see if they can play it" songs.  these are songs that are usually quite difficult to reproduce on just a couple of pianos (and possible another guy on beatbox) - and the audience just wants to see if the dueling piano players can pull them off...

bohemian rhapsody - queen
oh lordy - this one is a beast!  put your dueling piano players to the test with this little beauty.

livin' on a prayer - bon jovi
paradise city - guns and roses
rapper's delight - sugar hill gang
love shack - the b-52's
those are like tunes for a cover band. i would quit playing if i had to play those on solo piano.
i heard  solo pianists/vocalists do all those songs and they get very good responses (people dancing,singing along and tipping like crazy)
chaky said he wanted some material that americans would like and hopefully make them leave good tips.
i agree with jazz+ !!!

so i would suggest some of the tunes i normally play.these are american songs however i play them in europe and they are still quite popular:

young and foolish
over the rainbow
bye bye blackbird
everythings happens to me
polka dots and moonbeams
as time goes bye
i can't give you anything but love
i can get started
tea for two
theme from mash
most songs by jobim are great for this venue. they have a latin feel, yes i know he was from brasil. i wouldn't go to a restaurant in panama to listen to the same as what i hear in the usa. my thinking is that latinizing ( is that a word, i hope you understand what i mean) many of the songs listed would be a good thing. it is hard to state what americans want to hear, most of the time they don't even know what they want. ask for requests if you dare, you could end up doing beegees covers.
yah!  i would be so bummed if i was in all the way in panama for the first and only time in my life, walked into a place... most likely the only place i would walk into for my visit that had a piano player and he was playing the same crap american lounge player play!!!   wow i would run for the bathroom and puke man.   play what people there like man please!!!
yeah- what mike said. i think most people (even americans) traveling to panama want to experiance its culture. unless you see some serious $ in playing the typical american crap, i would keep it authentic.
thanks for all your feedback...!!! very helpful..!!!
yeah that would be like going to burger king in panama,
what could be interesting is doing a few standards in latin ,spacifically in some panama rhythm or something like that
i too, prefer hearing authentic music from the place i am visiting.  i certainly here enough usa stuff here:)
how does this happen?  i certainly "hear" enough not "here" - oy...
hi chacky:  
if you like to have a great success in your job there, please play tamboritos, tamboreras, and the happiest tunes from panama, so as did it my old friend lucho azcarraga in 50’s and 60’s playing his organ.  
remember that most of tourists going to that country are looking for the best of culture, scenery, and historic monuments.
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