has anyone seen this movie? if you haven't you should it's pretty cool. i think it came out in the late 80's. great jazz soundtrack by dave grusin. there is a part in the movie where jack is playing a really beautiful ballad style tune in the hotel by himself. later in the movie he plays the same song at the jazz bar.  

here is the hotel scene:

here jack expands on the tune and plays it in a trio setting at the jazz club:

a guy on youtube put together this arrangement that sounds nice.

i was trying to figure this out by ear but i' didnt get too far lol. now i'm lost. 48 seconds into the hotel scene it sounds to me like an a form rootless 2-5 in the key of f and then moves to an a form rootless 2-5 in the key of eb. no idea where it goes from there. i can pick out melody notes pretty well but i can't seem to find harmony worth anything. i even tried just finding the root of the harmony and i can't even find that.

any suggestions? can someone help me out with these chords? i would like to doodle around with this song.

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a great movie for sure.  they really depicted the "scene" well (biz v. music).

that's actually dave grusin playing piano.  do yourself a favor and check him out (great player, producer, composer, etc).  keep listening and don't try to force finding what you are hearing.  be content with what you have so far and enjoy it.  as you continue listening (away from the piano) those sounds will become burned into your head and eventually you'll begin to find those harmonies and voicings that seem to mystify you at the moment.

~just my two cents
michelle pheiffer is the best jazz singer who ever lived.  well except maybe ashley judd.
jennifer aniston is pretty good too
i thought this movie really shows the line between art and business when it comes to music... plus the age old battle of a pianist trying to find, or being forced to find, a vocalist...  

i remember playing quite a bit in deserted hotel ball rooms, here and overseas, but no one looking like michelle pfeiffer ever walked in and sat down next to the piano.  house cleaners and security guards, yes, but fantabulous babes, nope.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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no fantabulous babes? what a sad story!

i guess some of us got it, and some others don't.

maybe if your brother had been on the other piano, you could've both scored.
now i must admit that on one gig, a beautiful, well-built blonde did stand staring at me while i played with a group several years ago. when we took a short break she handed me a note, i was thinking all kinds of thoughts when i opened the note and it said "play some beegees." i never told the guys i gigged with what was on the note, man i was crushed.
i can, sadly enough, relate to that story :)
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
all of us can.
i once had a very beautiful, elegantly dressed woman come sit on the bench while i was playing. she brought her face got close to mine. we were gazing into each others' eyes, when she simultaneously made a request and let out a very booze & garlic smelling burp...
i have the transcription of that film score. what's the name of that theme in the youtube clip?
does anyone have any listening recommendations for albums heavy on the diminished stuff similar to the club scene (2nd clip)?

here is the hotel scene:

it's called "jack's theme" and the changes are:

| cmi9 | cmi9 | c13 sus | c7 alt |
| cmi6 | abmi6/c | cmi9 | cmi11/bb |
| a-7b5 | d7 #9 | g-7b5 | c7 alt |
| b7 alt | bb7 alt | bbmi9 | eb13 (#11) |
| abmi11 | eb9 sus | abmi11 |eb9 sus |
| gbmi11 | db9 sus4 | gbmi11 | db9 sus |
| bmi11 | f#13 sus | bmi9 | d13 sus |
| f7 alt | bb13(b9) bb7(#9) | ebmaj9 | db9sus |
| ebma9(#11) | g7(#5) ||
i finally stumbled upon this. i had been looking like crazy for the sheet music, specifically the chords for jack's theme, and here it is! thank you so much jazz + for posting this!
thanks for bumping this thread up.  it caused me to get out my copy and watch it again.  i enjoy it more each time a i watch it.  maybe because it's looking more and more like my life:)
jazz +  extreme thanks for those chords: you've done a great service for anyone like me who struggles with appreciating jazz chord changes and improv over them but just wasn't born with the ability to transcribe them. very very appreciative - hope you keep up the great work!
yeah, jazz+, that scene where pfeiffer comes in and mentions that he's "dusting off his dreams"... dude, at 25 i did not relate to that at all.  at 45 i totally relate to that :)

when it comes to girls, i've had a great experience in my life overseas and everywhere else playing music, but... in the end, i can still see myself sitting in that lonely bar playing some soulful blues because it's not about the girls, it's about... well, even at 45 i don't know what it's about except for the fact that if i don't do it, i go crazy.

john clayton once said to me, "you don't do music because you want to, you do music because you have to."
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
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