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great stuff all
galper is rather dogmatic, he says you must not tap the quarters with your foot, yet here is wynton kelly doing it as usual:

i do not think he is really saying "you must not".  i think he is offering taping on one on and three as an alternative which can lead to a more relaxed way of playing and can help some players with some things.  it is a device... a learning device really just as playing with a metronome on beats two and four can really help some cats learn how to internalize swing... yours truly included.
i liked the part where he says something like you can feel the time from the overtones of the notes.

how the hell did that happen?
i think any one worth their salt tends to be a bit arrogant in one way or another.... yes even you 7,... maybe not as arrogant as mr galper but it is there.  i percieve myself as arrogant in certain ways as well.   and even though you do not consider yourself an artist there is no question that you are one.  and just because you are an artist does not mean that you can not be a craftsman as well.  i can see how some of hals presentation could rub you all the wrong way.  my suggestion is ... do not let that get in the way of taking advantage of some good knowledge that he is passing along there.
are you out of your fucking mind, man?
however i can respect galper's philosphy on the level that he is consistent in what he does and has great confidence in his abilities.  i mean, none of us should ever forget that we're individuals and what works for one person may not work for another.  and that's what lessons and videos like this are for- giving the student/listener/etc an idea of where someone who is successful at this craft is coming from.  i've picked up lots of things from lots of different people, and they all mix up inside me to make my own personal philosophy.  

galper is a genius and a monster player and some of his ideas mesh well with mine, and others, well, they aren't for me but as long as they work for him, that's good enough for me.
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i have to go with 7 on this one. if you extract the emotion from music (or any art) you have a bastardized, anesthetized product with absolutely no value. maybe i need to up my medication just a little.
thats my piano teacher! cool! the one with about private lessons...
a lot of great stuff in those videos!  i think his comments about emotion are being misinterpreted here... emotionalism can get in the way of a clear and focused mind, which is what you need to have to express anything.  i don't believe he was talking about removing emotion from the music, but rather removing it from your mind as a distraction, which it certainly can be.
i find hal galper charming ;-)  
had some master classes with him years ago and, while he is certainly opinionated, he is (or was) also open to new ideas.  
i got a lot out of his book "forward motion", but i think if he's going to charge money for that book, he should have at least hired a proof reader.
cynbad, i agree about his book. i too took some classes and a private lesson from him some years back and loved all the forward motion stuff. i recently took a look at the book and was very disappointed at how badly produced it was, and some sections are very unclear. and all the other sher publications are so well put together. what went wrong?
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