ok folks, watch those fingers if you're going to playing with fire this sunday.  

always remember never to light any fuses with sparklers: the sparks can fly in and light the fuse dangerously close to the wrong end and before you know it, boom!  had a firecracker go off in my fingers as a teenager that way.  no damage except numb fingers for a while, but a lesson well learned.

i don't even do fireworks anymore. when i was around 20 i figured burning money didn't appeal to me :)  i like the noise and flash, though, so i hang out down at lake union in seattle for a pretty good show.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
There are 5 comments, leave a comment.
... and always use ear plugs. fireworks can do some serious damage to your ears!
i don't git it, i've never liked fireworks.  the wwii vets i've known don't' like them either.  it just drudges up horrible memories for them.  so why do we celebrate the "birth" of our country by getting drunk and blowing up sh**?  oh well...

and you're right scot, i think it's much safer to burn some dollar bills  than to risk loosing  our piano playing fingers lighting things that explode....and i'll second protecting our music listening ears with some plugs!
well, that came out a lot worse than intended...i do wish all a safe and happy 4th!
yeah well thanks for ruining my 4th of july, dr. whack. i couldn't drink any alcohol or let off any firecrackers because of your comments. are there any more holidays you want to ruin for me. maybe i will shoot santa claus, trap the easter bunny, or work on labor day. just kidding, whackywoo, you are one hundred per cent correct in your assessment. it's a foolish way to celebrate, but sometimes we need more foolishness. not everyone can be a serious as i am all the time, as in like never, i think i am through with any attempt at seriousness now. i hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.
yeah, i like to get drunk and blow up sh**, just not on 4th of july :)
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