hi i am a university trained classical pianist wanting to learn jazz piano. what things do i need to know to get started?
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are aware of what you want to know and which pianists' styles attract you the most.

many of these famous works have been faithfully transcribed. go to amazon or someplace like that and browse for books on the music of your favorite guys.

play through the transcription along with the original recording.

yet playing through transcriptions without understanding the theory won't help you much. i've never read levine's "jazz piano book" but everyone says it's great. also "jazzology" for the theory side of it.
ask yourself..."how did i start learning classical music?"   if your answer is "i found a great teacher"  then you will find the same thing applys to learning jazz piano.  all the same things apply to learning jazz piano except when you reach an advanced level things become different.
start picking out little tunes by ear, harmonize em and transpose em.  listen to as much jazz as you can.  teachers, books, etc. can help but doing those things will help you get more out of lessons and such (in my opinion)
you could start by getting a fakebook and learning the melodies of the most important standards. also learn the roots  of the chord progressions. play single note melody in the right hand and single note roots in the left hand. start witn autumn leaves and all the things you are.
get a copy of 'metaphors for musicians' by randy halberstadt and mark levine's the jazz piano book' for your own interest, but i agree that getting a good jazz teacher is the best idea.
also, to get the flavor of bebop under your fingers, do what jazz+ suggested and apply it to the melodies (heads) of bebop standards.  the charlie parker omnibook is a great all-in-one reference for this.
you need to learn the 5 essential 7th chords: major 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7th, minor 7b5,  and diminished 7th in all 12 keys. once you can do this (and you probably can, given your training) you need to be able to recognize these chords from reading chord symbols, as in a lead sheet. from here, learn how to voice these chords using rootless voicings with added tension. these are basic but good sounding voicings.
looks like there are as many ways to get started as there are people.  all of the above are great suggestions.  just grab one and get started.  please let us know how it's going.  

good luck and have fun!
my teacher started teaching me classical music, do i have to tell him to change the genre to jazz music since that's what i wanted to learn in piano.
my teacher started teaching me classical music, do i have to tell him to change the genre to jazz music since that's what i wanted to play and to [url=https://takelessons.com/category/piano-lessons]learn piano[/url] easily?
my teacher started teaching me classical music, do i have to tell him to change the genre to jazz music since that's what i wanted to play and to [url='https://takelessons.com/category/piano-lessons']learn piano[/url] easily?
i think most teachers are going to teach what they know and what they think you should know, so ya have to find one that suits your needs.
psylocke24 - i agree with the good doctor, but if you are a beginner, you will get a lot of value directly applicable to jazz piano from learning all the scales and learning to play some classical pieces with proper technique.  from there you will have to chose to either persist with your current teacher and teach yourself jazz, or find a new teacher.  my experience was that i started piano as a young adult (although already a musician) by having 6 months lessons from a suburban classical teacher, and then finding a very good jazz teacher.    in fact, i think (and others may disagree) that learning to play simple pieces by reading them, two hands, is an important skill that you may overlook if you focus on jazz from the beginning (although, of course, you can do this with 'jazz style' pieces).
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