can anyone share exercise routine?
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i do three sets of push-ups and three sets of four different dumbbell exercises three days a week.  i walk my dogs 2 miles everyday, and i teach piano downstairs 4 days a week, which amounts to probably 40 or 50 trips up and down each day.  

as for piano. i vary. at the very least i play scales and arpeggios using different patterns and rhythms, some bach inventions and/or preludes (the fugues drive me nuts:), chopin etudes and some boogie woogie 12 bar blues in every key.  when i have more time or find myself getting bored with those routines, i read through classics, like beethoven, mozart, debussy, brahms, etc...then in my spare time between lessons i'll usually pick a jazz tune or two and practice improve with the metronome, as well as just doing some free form, where i just play a note and listen for what wants to happen and play what i hear.  then i stop to yell at my dogs for barking at passers by:)

on days where i have gigs, i disregard all of the above and focus on the genre of the evening by listening and playing only the stuff i will be playing that night.
thanks earl. i like your approach to practicing with the metronome deadline.
btw, tonight is a classic rock gig so i just finished listening to "one thing leads to another" - the fixx next, "rockin the casbah" - the clash, and i already ran through the check leavell piano solo on "jessic" - the allman brothers band.  we als0 do some steely dan - should be fun!
good stuff!
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
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..but before i did that, i did play some scales, arpeggios, bach and chopin as a warm up
no dr. whack, not tmi at all. i like your routine and mine is similar. right now i'm very short on time so i just play/sing through stuff that i'll will be performing. when i do have time i like to run thorugh licks (blues, country, be bop,...) in all keys,sclaes, arpeggios, hanon, and bach. i actually like to practice, even the "boring" stuff like scales and hanon. i just wish i had more time!
"jessica".  love that one.  do you play "stormy monday" as well?
i have played stormy monday many times over the years.  this band kinda rotates tunes by certain groups.  we're not doing that one at the moment.  we're one way out and trouble no more:)  having grown up listening to mostly jazz (aside from allmann brothers, chicago, bst  & yes) most of these old tunes are kinda new to me.

this could be a very interesting thread.  i would love to hear how and what others practice. ya never know when ya might pick up some cool ideas
*we're doing one way out...*
we also do "mama told me not to come" - three dog night - i get to use my wurly patch - what a gas!
odd i am playing a blues gig right now and playing stormy monday and statesboro blues on a regular basis.
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