hey guys, i just recorded my take on thelonious monk's round midnight and i'm wondering what everyones "go to" version of the song is.  i've always been partial to the early miles quintet version and the thelonious solo version.  what are favorites for listening and reference?

my version:  

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when i do "round midnight" in concert, i begin with the authentic monk piano intro from the "mulligan meets monk" album (transcription here: https://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/jeffbrent/roundmidnightintro.jpg).

then i state the head and do my little piano solo bit.

after that the bass player takes over, speeding up the rhythm into a funkier version based on the amy winehouse recording, at which point i pick up the guitar and sing the lyrics, ending with a kick-ass (imho) electric guitar solo.

the slow piano bit and the fast guitar bit put together takes up almost seven minutes.

ms winehouse's version omits:

1. the standard 7-bar intro (ebm)
| a7 | ab13 | g7 | gb13 | f7 | e13b5 | eb69add#4 e13sus4 |

2. the entire "b" section

3. the standard coda (ebm)
| ebm db | b bb | ebm6 |

here are the chords that the guitar is playing (standard mickey baker voicings)

| c#m7 | c#m7 | a13 | g#7+5 |
| c#m7 | f#9 | am7 d9 | abm7 db9 |
| f#m7 | b9 | c#m7 | c#m7 |
| bb7 a7b5 | g#7 | c#m7 | c#m7 g#7+5 |

arrangement: after a short rhythmic intro, she sings verses 1 and 2, then she scats over one full verse, next she sings verse three. over the fifth and final section she sings those two lines which are typically used as a vocal coda ("feelin' sad, really gets bad, round midnight") and then it alternates between little instrumental bits and more of her scatting. there is a very short tag at the end which is reminiscent of the hip beat that's set up in the intro and out.

i found it online as an mp3, but it appears that it is on an album entitled "take the box" (2004), and also on the deluxe version of "frank" (listed as "around midnight").

the main differences between the winehouse version and my guitar version is that i actually sing the melody, and (imho) i play it funkier. plus i do it in the key of eb minor (instead of c#).

thanks for posting this tj. i enjoyed it.
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