hi folks!

it's been a long while since i participated here. while some may not care for this personal anecdote, i thought i'd just share a little bit.

my wife and i moved to az in 2007. i sold everything but my piano books....our house, many belongings. we moved because she got promoted.

going from a four seasons zone like buffalo, ny to an arid desert climate of phoenix was quite a switch. arizona and the south west is just beautiful.

we ended up moving back to just outside buffalo, ny, in a small rural town called elma, ny.

this past year, i resigned my job to help my dad through his battle with pancreatic cancer. truth be told, the battle was his. i was just there for support for him and the family. he passed away, and i've been unemployed since. 2012 was very hard for me. out of work, my dad passed, his brother (my uncle) passed of the very same disease, my brother in law passed, and my wife was hospitalized in the er with critical blood loss levels twice. what a year.


however...2013 is starting off a bit better. a local church donated a 45" upright wurlizter piano, including moving costs. the piano just arrived yesterday! i'm so excited!

it is very tough when you were working at professional level wages to end up so broke, so out of resources, sometimes so hopeless.

but this gift of a piano has made me very happy!

yesterday, i dug out my collection of piano books and am now trying to figure out how to get back what i lost, and get back on the path of learnign jazz piano. my fingers are stiff, weak, and sore from the little dabbling i did yesterday.

i will post other messages for help in getting started again. but today, i just wanted to say how excited and happy i am to have the opportunity to play once again. i'm also so very blessed of the generosity of others.

i don't mean any offense, but i am a christian. and even though i've been out of work, i also continue to try to do good myself. this world is a harsh place. i have done a lot to help others this year. i am an amateur oil painter (you can find me on blogspot if you want, just google robert p. britton jr artist) and have painted this year. it's very creative. i've given my paintings away to family and friends and hope to try to do something with it also.

both jazz and art blend wonderfully! i think they are gifts! gifts that the artist/pianist can enjoy selfishly, while at the same time gifts to others who hear the music or see the art.

thanks for listening. i'm so excited to be back here and participating once again!

i hope 2013 takes me out of the trend of the downward spiral to the upward hopes of the future!

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...and as we know robert, that is one of the beauties of music, it heals!  here is wishing you a happy, creative, and healthy 2013 my friend.  
thank you! that was nice of you to say and so true!

i've had the piano since saturday and i'm already experiencing moments of peace, comfort, happiness and a bit of healing!

it's an "ahhhhh!" feeling to sit at the keys again.

of course, this piano is much firmer in touch than my previous and because i haven't played for so many years my pinkies are sore!


but that'll go away with some finger strengthening and practice!

dear robert,

thank you for your post, it was very moving: reading your story brought a saying to mind "when the sh*t hits the fan"..
to know that you passed through the fire and have been blessed with some happiness, and that you were able to maintain desire to share your gifts with others is inspiring. very happy for you and look forward to future posts.  

thank you, time to talk.

yes, i think you are right. when sh*t does hit the fan, the tough keep taking a step forward. and i do feel very blessed. i've had the piano now for about two weeks and i'm loving it! i have a long way to go to catch up to where i was, and then go beyond. i'm kind of a beginner again. and i'm glad to have the chance to relearn some things and simply enjoy the challenge!
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