hi all.

just wanted to talk about something i just experienced about two hours ago.
there's a hospital in fulham, london; the chelsea & westminster hospital. every thursday they put on a free gig; various styles of music. patients, visitors and hospital staff are free to come along and watch.  performing was the kai hoffman trio(not heard of them before today); kai hoffman - voice, pete whitaker - piano, neil price - guitar. i missed the first 10 minutes of the 45 minute gig, but managed to catch these tunes:  all up tempo apart from what a wonderful world;

a train
everybody wants to be a cat
it don't mean a thing
they can't take that away from me
somewhere over the rainbow (in a latin rhythm)
what a wonderful world
on the sunny side of the street
when youíre smiling

what happened had to be seen to be believed.  the hospital has hundreds of people walking through the doors every hour; but i have never seen so many people stop dead in their tracks, be overcome with joy, opening their mouths with wide smiles, starting to clap or tap their feet, and forgetting completely about where they were headed, as they stumbled upon the trio swinging. the music and the vibe of the trio just hit people so hard; they were just walking through the hospital going about their business, and 'bam', the music cast a spell on all... the thing is, the music made them suddenly shift into happiness... you could see people's faces suddenly change when they heard the music and saw the band, it was as if they just awoke from the matrix, they stopped and didn't care about their intended destination, they just smiled, they just clapped, they just laughed, some went over and nodded approval to the band leader... amazing..  it certainly made my day....  i have forgotten how music can make people so happy....  it reminds me of something scot said in another post the other day; i re-post it here below, word for word:

the bottom line is this:

keep on keeping on (as clark terry says) and don't pause for a second when you have some inspiration.  never, ever, ever, ever pause when you get the itch to record or put on a show or whatever.  things like music are what make people want to wake up the next day, so all of you are a big piece of the machine that makes the real world move.

keep it up, and have a great 2013!
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i agree - it's great when that happens.  last year in the middle of chester in the uk, i saw about five, male musicians - must have been all of 14 years - busking right in the main straight and that happened. the lads were very good and the drummer was excellent: a bit like my friend's son, chris sharrock, who played with robby williams (millenium, if you heard the drumming on that) and now plays with gallagher.  the music was so good, lively and happy that people were doing just that, tapping their feet etc and even middle aged and elderly men and women began dancing (ok, mostly jiving) around with such happy faces, full of pleasure.it made my day!
isn't it funny! elderly men and women letting go, and because young teenagers are playing music live.. what happened to the 'generation gap?' it suddenly disappeared. well at the risk of sounding new-agey, i think that on hearing the music or seeing a great performance, something deep inside resonates and people suddenly feel comfortable enough to drop their 'social identities' and become their real 'self', you know, the self that sings out loud in the shower, or dances like crazy when no one else is in the house... we then feel connected with the people around us, inhibitions diminish somewhat, and we just 'let' ourselves be happy.....
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