ok, i had three years if piano lessons as a kid, so i know how to read sheet music, its just transfering that to actually being able to play what is said there that is the problem now.

i recently fell in love with jazz and really wanted to learn how to do that on the piano and eventually learn to improvise. but ok, just learning to play sheet music first i bought jazz ballads volume 2 by hal leonard.

but it contains some real impractical arrangements, where some notations are impossible to reach with your hands. the first one you might see the long sustain as optional to only do if you are singing along (where you dont need to include the melody).

but i've gotten accross a second instance where my fingers just arent long enough... this book also includes a playsong cd with an example, but there they played it with a midi instead of an actual recording..

the second time i saw such a impossible to play notation i just totally lost trust that this will be actually playable after i put in loads of effort. some people said it was just a pop song, that you don't need to take the notation literally, but this just feels wrong.

i scanned it in and showed which notations really put me off.  https://i.imgur.com/hxjuofp.jpg />
if anyone got this far reading through my frustrations. can anyone recommend me a jazz book for a relative beginner, that has some good jazz standards (specifically "do you know what it means to miss new orleans" ). that has actually playable songs, to become proficient in just playing sheet music??
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the first passage is potentially playable if you have a wide enough hand span; it's more common to find that sort of thing in the left hand, as you can see elsewhere in the piece.  if you can't reach it, you can use the middle pedal on the piano to sustain the whole notes while you lift your right hand to play the melody.  you could also just alter it if you don't have a third pedal. moving the e up an octave to your right thumb and dropping the whole note b flat would probably be okay as it appears prominently in the melody.

the second example is just a couple of f naturals in the left hand.  the accidentals are only there as a "courtesy" because you have to play f sharps in the previous bar.  

the whole thing is playable as written.  you just need more practice translating notion/passages in this style to music. :)
i'm sorry but i don't have a middle pedal, so i have to let go of the long sustains to play the melody. and my fingers just simply dont reach the second thing i pointed out, i stretch my pink and thumb far along and they dont reach. i don't like it yet to have to reinterpret the sheet music as a beginner.

can anyone recommend me some sheet music where i don't feel like i need to be the elongated man ?
have you tried grabbing the e with your lh thumb?  in other words, have your lh play cge...
...and if you can't reach it, roll it
i believe that at one time scot had some exercises posted here that could and would improve your span. i looked around a bit for that post but couldn't find it. perhaps this will jar someone else's recall. also, don't sell yourself short, just adapt or omit whatever is causing the issue. it has always been too easy for me to give up when i could have just made something fit me. you will do well, just keep on trying.
i agree. use the sustain pedal, roll it.

while i deeply wish i could play 10ths easily, i can barely reach them and can't effectively play them at all, unless i can divide the notes between two hands. so it's roll it  with sustain.

i've tried hand stretching exercises and they do help a little. but if you have small to medium hands, it's not going to happen.

some players have such large hands that they can easily reach 10ths and beyond. it kills me, but i've given up the quest.

there are ways of making effective use of the piano, rolling notes for example, arpeggios, or getting a little creative in fitting those notes in between two hands. the sustain pedal, wisely used, can be a friend here, too.

others more skilled than i may have better advice. but that passage looks like it could benefit from the sustain pedal for you. but i wouldn't worry about miracle stretching. stretching does help, but you may also hurt yourself.

i can reach a ninth at my limit, and hit the corner of a tenth. i'm not going to have large hands period. i'm not gerswhin or gene harris.

use what you do have, play from your strengths.  

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