check this out:

so for serious jazz listeners and players, i'm not sure where beegie adair fits in. but frankly, this is an approach to playing jazz tunes that i want to learn to play like she does.

now i know that's probably like saying i want to paint like monet, or rembrandt. but frankly, as an oil painter, those techniques are learnable, repeatable. study of the old masters, impressionists, etc., in painting, e.g., mimicking, is a good step to finding your own voice.

i know i'm years and years away from ever playing like she does, but i'm just curious if anyone has any notions to describe her style of play, the types of chords (open, closed, so what, be bop) she plays, as well as the way she approaches right hand melodies (playing octaves, 3rds/fifths, blues notes)?

she doesn't seem to publish any thing on music education or sheet music, though i have found there are many requests for such.

i find her music incredibly enjoyable, rich, colorful, and arresting. i'd give anything to be able to make those sounds the way she does.

i know some may consider her too simple, too classic, but it's exactly what i aspire to.

(of course, she plays on steinway & sons exclusively, and i'm sure that's adding so much richness to the sound where i'm playing on a 1959 used wurlitzer 45" upright)

(and of course, she's a master, and i'm a novice!)
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well she playing from sheet music.

jazz players dont normally do that..this is not jazz.
i don't know that i can be that sure that it is sheet music, it could be lead sheets only. i enjoy her playing and detect what i consider jazz passages in her playing. i hate to pigeonhole anyone's playing but this is more of a hybrid to me crossing from classic to jazz. only she can say whether it was created on the fly. one interesting thing i noticed was that, except until the end, the rhythm was tightly regimented less like jazz than the actual rendition of the notes. jv i am not trying to be disagreeable toward your opinion but i am not completely confident that i can label exactly what it is. i liked it and that is what's most important to me then again i am quite eclectic as to my musical tastes. i would feel more confident were someone with more education in the theory of jazz than i have determining if it is or not. i also feel like i just tiptoed through a minefield with my response. i hope that dave frank will pop up and say, "fuck you, dennis" and then render his opinion. he always says that because he loves me. thanks scot for letting me ramble on.
well, i think i chose a poor video to choose. she's actually a part of the beegie adair trio and is a jazz pianist. she's been on marian mcpartland's jazz radio and plays live all over the place and has many albums.

this video here is her true form:

i just love her style of playing which is why it led me to make this original post. amazon has her characterized as a contemporary jazz pianist and she says she attributes some of her style to red garland.

i just love her playing. she's got numerous albums including with the beegie adair trio as well as solo piano.

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she is a jazz pianist and an excellent one. she plays jazz in a standard, traditional manner, using traditional reharmonization of tunes. the thing that makes beegie adair stand out is her impeccable sense of phrasing and harmony. she has a fine touch and an excellent ear. is she squarely in the jazz camp? undoubtedly.

i always tell people who want to learn to play jazz, that they need to aspire to play like beegie adair before they go on to trying to play like charlie parker. adair represents a sort of bridge between less sophisticated cocktail piano and more experimental or "hard core" jazz.

if you want to learn to play like her, learn the ins and outs of diatonic harmony, and then learn the standard jazz reharmonization techniques. learn your turnarounds. learn your runs. there is also some bebop characteristic to her improvisation.

she does not publish anything. she teaches at a music college. she is also very prolific in putting out albums, each one with a different theme (christmas songs, beatles covers, johnny mercer tunes, etc.)

to the person who thought she was playing from sheet music: it has been said that when she gets together with her band to make a recording, there is no rehearsal and no practice. it's all done on the first take. considering the volume of her discography, this is impressive.

i consider her the epitome of a "true musician." any musician who wishes to study her techniques will be well rewarded.

what michael said!
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
i saw her live in nashville. (her home town)  everything she does is extremely clean and on the fly.  she teaches improv and is classically trained to the max.  a true champion!
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