a short video course on pentatonics:

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thanks for pointing to this! is it yours or been found yourself?
no, i found it on youtube. it was made by rob arnold. if you point and click on his youtube name, you can access a lot of his improvisational videos. he also has an interesting website here:


i was enjoying the lesson at first and then his constant music-less meandering drove me crazy and i had to stop listening.
so let me get this straight, gordon, you stopped listening, but you didn't stop posting your insightful critique? perhaps it would have been better for you to keep listening instead.

but maybe i'm wrong in thinking that posting instructional videos is useful to the community. should i just follow your example and post bitchy comments on message boards instead? it would certainly be a lot less effort.

this was a tutorial. if you want to listen to robís music, he has several videos on youtube.

one of the videos is of a  billy strayhorn  song i had never heard before, called a flower is a lovesome thing. great song, with a mysterious beginning  (disorienting, as in - - what the heck key are we starting off in, anyway?), and a fascinating bridge. anyway, after listening to robís rendition (several times), i searched around and found the lead sheet in one of the real books, and decided to learn it myself.  took it in to my jazz teacher the next week and he went stark raving mad  Ė kept saying oh boy,  wow, what chords, what great chords.  i could hardly tear him away from the piano.

anyway rob, your efforts are appreciated.  pianists being human, and human nature being what it is, there is a certain crankiness that sweeps over these forums from time to time. you will see it in other threads, too. personally, considering how much i paid for my subscription to this site, and what i have gotten out of it, i am pretty darn grateful to all the guys and gals who contribute their music and their tutorial materials and their helpful comments.

thanks ed. that strayhorn tune is a classic example of the half-diminished with 11 in the melody sound, like several other of his. if you used the real book 2 chart, i think their notation of end of the bridge is kind of deficient.
sorry for my comment above, it was an inappropriate reaction for a tutorial.
gordon, no hard feelings.

for the moderator that deleted my post: i studied the terms of service quite closely before posting. i did not attack gordon in my post whatsoever. leaving the "censored" message gives readers the impression that my response was "unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable," which it in no way was. (by the way, you probably mean tortious, not tortuous. check with your attorney.)

i understand that per the tos, you can remove anything you want for any reason you want to remove it. i just want to observe that having your first post in a community summarily deleted with no explanation whatsoever is a particularly unwelcoming introduction to a community from the people who run it.
rob, thanks.  that is some cool stuff.
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