Accompanying instrumentalists and vocalists can be a lot of fun and get you a lot of work if you do it well. All good compers have one thing in common: they enjoy accompanying.
  Caribbean Jazz Project - Andalucia - Dario Eskenazi

Hi everyone. This is my first post here after being a member and reading for weeks upon weeks! I had a question for anyone into the CJP or could help me ...

10/02/2007, by 0 replies
  Thanks again Sid

Yeah, that's what I meant by "fraction chords." I didn't even learn that term until I looked on this site, so I don't know if it was that common.

09/30/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 37244

I'm not sure what you mean by "fraction chords". Do you mean slash chords, such as Cmin/Bb? Here the note to the right of the slash is the bass...

09/24/2007, by 0 replies
  Thanks Sid

[sf]Thanks a lot man. The LJP site helped me a lot with this gig I just got through tonight, and not only with my piano playing, but even with my bass guit...

09/23/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 37133

It's just a convention to notate chords like that, largely arising out of the way harmony is built from notes a third apart (hence the abundance of str...

09/18/2007, by 0 replies
  Intervals question

[sf]Hi guys, like other guys here, I've been playing piano for quite some time, but am kinda new to jazz piano. I've been able to improvise pretty well fo...

09/16/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 35664

what are block chords and how they are plyed especially when you r playing a song like autumn leaves...

07/02/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 35436

In fact I do. I go to and check out Sammy Nestico and others who have big band charts available there. I've downloaded a few ...

06/13/2007, by 0 replies
  Comping Rhythms

Thanks for you advice Scot. I particularly like the idea of checking out big band arrangements. I'm sure I can find sources for band arrangements on-line b...

06/11/2007, by 0 replies
  comping rhythms

Apart from listening to recordings and trying to emulate what you hear by recording your own playing and listening back with a critical ear, one of the bes...

06/11/2007, by 0 replies
  Comping Rhythms

Is there a resource that discusses and gives examples of comping rhythms? I'm adding to my voicings and progressions fairly well but my weakest skill at th...

06/11/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 35203

I'd say as a matter of choice, the 3rd or the 7th. Whichever fits into an area of the piano that sounds good. Remember- the question "what is be...

05/23/2007, by 0 replies
  More about voicings

hi guys I understand that the root should not be played as the bass note as it can provide limitations on melody, but what note/s are best for the bass ...

05/23/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 35190

If you're using four note left handed voicings, try take two of the notes out and playing them with your right hand. Or try doubling up right hand and lef...

05/22/2007, by 0 replies
  two hand rootless comping voicings

i have all of my lh voicings down pretty well, but when a horn player is soloing, what kinds of voicings are good for comping. i figure they should involv...

05/21/2007, by 0 replies
  looking for jazz licks midi files

[sf]hi, can i have some jazz licks for practice? thank's...

05/18/2007, by 0 replies
  I need to how to play jazz piano

I dont know nothing about jazz music but I realy liked to learn jazz piano, thoes somone know where I can download some jazz manuales...

05/12/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 34985

There's nothing special about fake/real books- just books full of melodies and harmonies. If you can learn tunes off records, you don't need fake books.

05/11/2007, by 0 replies
  thanks for that!

Thanks loads for that Scot, great site by the way. I think it was how I was playing the comp chords. I read your msg and tried 3rd&7ths, playing th...

05/10/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 34938

Don't comp, just use the right hand. That's what Miles said to Herbie one time. Your lines are more important than your chords. There's nothing wrong...

05/08/2007, by 0 replies
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