Monty Alexander - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall

  • The Concord Jazz Maybeck Recital Hall series was one of the best things ever to happen to jazz piano.  They don't do them any more, but while they did it, a LOT of painists did recitals.

    Monty's recital is very good.  He let's it go and takes you for a ride, classic Monty style.  In my opinion, very much worth getting.

    by Scot Ranney on 10/12/2004, 00:55:01 # 7946

  • So...where's the review?

    by superboy on 05/14/2008, 16:08:01

  • good.  
    Another one in my top 5 of the Maybeck is your man Gene Harris ;)

    by knotty on 05/14/2008, 19:46:10

  • If you like that one, look for an old Monty album called So What.  It's solo piano and he does things like St. Thomas, Work Song, some other calypso stuff, Isn't She Lovely, and some other tunes.  

    They are a bit more raw than what he did at Maybeck, but all the better, it's cool to hear someone like Monty just going off.

    by Scot Ranney on 05/14/2008, 20:44:30

  • Scot
    On emusic they have just added this album (along with the Maybeck album) to their catalogue.

    by dougmck on 05/15/2008, 15:16:10

  • it's my next download then, thanks both.

    by knotty on 05/15/2008, 15:32:45

  • Sorry - I just checked and his Maybeck Album is one of his albums that are not there. Most of his other albums are there including 'So What'.  
    And most of the other Maybeck albums are there too. Wonderful cheap and legal downloads at emusic, and you can download quite a few free. And they don't hassle you if you unsubscribe. They have a huge jazz catalogue.

    by dougmck on 05/15/2008, 15:57:37

  • thanks for the review, knotty.  I guess I'm going to have to get this one also.  yeah, the Gene harris one is good too, but I don't think it's his best.  Although I read once that Gene was the only person to ever get a standing ovation at Maybeck.
    The Maybeck albums are cool, but they always seem a little subdued and reserved.  I always get the sense that the musicians are nervous and hold back on the Maybeck albums.

    Monty has such amazing chops, his clarity is amazing.  It's like he always hits the note he wants to hit no matter what, fast or slow.

    by superboy on 05/17/2008, 14:46:57

  • I take back what I said about Gene on the Maybeck cd.  There is no holding back of anything.  It is superb.  What the heck was I thinking.  I'm listening to They Can't Take That Away From Me.  I should be ashamed for saying what I said.

    by superboy on 05/17/2008, 16:44:48

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