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Reharmonization is all about finding little tricks like that to replace the expected "correct" chord progressions that are suggested by diatonic theory and...

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If you look at the illustration in the "Leading Chords" section you'll see a B7 moving to a Bb7 and a Gb7 moving to an F7, In those cases the B7 ...

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  Please illustrate a leading chord

"A leading chord is a 7th chord that is 1/2 step above the chord you want to go to." Could you give an illustration ? Someone who already kno...

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  Blue Moon

Hi, while reading about Reharmonization 101, I came up to some nice writing about harmonizing every note in Blue Moon and other great tips in other tunes. ...

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Well, it's a copyrighted song so we can't do that here. Why don't you buy the old Stan Getz/Gilberto recording? You can't get much better than that if you...

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  Girl from Ipanema

Is it possible to get this uploaded- a kinda nice music to playm esp. an amateur. Thanks Bonnie...

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These ideas are available to everyone! Just come to this site and explore all of the resources everyone has uploaded.

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mr. scott, i wish you could make this ideas available to Nigerians..we are in want of good books and materials.

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Go to the top of this page, find "Rooms: Show List." Click on Show List. Albetan's room is on the bottom panel in the second of four columns. ...

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ok.. where do i find that info pls?...

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See at Albetan's area these files: [b]Melodic Voicings 1, 2, 3, 4. Performing Jazz lead sheets.[/b]...

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Hi Guys, I am new to this site.. and very interested in Jazz voicings.. paticularly 2 handed big cool voicings :) However lacking ideas or suggestion ...

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Here's how it works. When you [i]practice[/i] jazz, you think about theories, formulas, and all the stuff you are trying to progress in. When you [i]...

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SIR, when you play jazz, do you really have to think of the thoeries learned or do we have to really just experiment? should the techniques and ideas of cl...

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"Freddy Bead Great Cat" FBEADGC is all the flat keys going forward all the sharp keys going backwards; circle of fourths forwards; circle of fif...

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Interesting, Neighbor, I'll give it a try. As for math and music, yes, there's plenty of evidence for that. I worked in high-tech for a while and the...

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