Old message # 31560

Hi andrewjazz: Room's name is [b]Trancription/Sheets[/b] So we may upload there Transcriptions and lead sheets. I upload Xmas. Tunes only during this mo...

12/05/2006, by 0 replies
  xmas carols

It's not a big deal. I'm working on enhancing the file system to allow me to more easily move files around from room to room. When that's done, I'll take ...

12/05/2006, by 0 replies
  What's with the Christmas Carols in this topic?

albetan , thanks for the christmas carols. But isn't this topic meant for transcriptions of performances by well known pianists such as kenny barron et...

12/04/2006, by 0 replies
  The Real Meaning of Christmas

Hello All, It has been quite since I didn't visit this site. Anyway, I am uploading both finale 2007 (.mus) and pdf file for a christmas song c...

11/13/2006, by 0 replies
  Old message # 30892

Sam, you don't need money for this site- this website is free.

11/02/2006, by 0 replies
  need help

do i need money to operate in this site, please let me know because i want to really updated in jazz...

11/02/2006, by 0 replies
  herbie hancock new york minute

anyone have a lead sheet to new york minute by herbie hancock. if so would you send it to my email i will be greatly obliged and try to ...

09/14/2006, by 0 replies


09/13/2006, by 0 replies
  Necesito partituras de Michel petrucciani

Soy de Argentina y necesito partituras de Michel Petrucciani. Gracias...

08/22/2006, by 0 replies
  Old message # 28998

Can anybody send me a transcription of Bill Evans "How deep is the Ocean"?

07/31/2006, by 0 replies
  Old message # 28896

Got to the "Stride Piano" room. Open the midi file (Irwin Schwartz version) in any decent notation program and it will automatically c...

07/22/2006, by 0 replies
  Kenny Barron - You Dont Know What Love Is

Hey, this is a partial contribution, I hope to update it sometime when its finished. This is so far a transcription of Kenny Barron's solo INTRODUCTION an...

07/17/2006, by 0 replies
  Handful of Keys

Hi, would someone send me a working PDF of "handful of keys" I'm just getting into Fats Waller lately and want to learn this. I think I can le...

07/13/2006, by 0 replies
  Old message # 28046

Zerom, where's the file? Also, which recording did you take the solo from? I'd love to see it.

06/14/2006, by 0 replies
  Monty Alexander - Work Song

My first contribution to this site :) (M. Alexander "So what", Black&Blue 59.148-2)...

06/09/2006, by 0 replies
  Richard Gere PIano Solo

Hey, i have been trying to transcribe richard geres piano solo. HE plays the song, in Pretty women. It is the song, when Julia walks into the room, when h...

03/11/2006, by 0 replies
  transcription ofTake the A train of Peterson

Hi, I'm looking for the piano solo of Peterson "Take the A train"? Somebody can help me? Thanks...

01/31/2006, by 0 replies
  letter from evans

I am looking for a transcription of Midnight Mood (Bill Evans CD Alone) It should be done by Art Tofanelli in a back issue of letter from evans. ...

01/30/2006, by 0 replies
  roy ayers transcriptions

hi there, has anyone got any roy ayers transcriptions or sheet music? Ive tried search engines with no results, i just want the rhodes transcriptions reall...

01/21/2006, by 0 replies
  Old message # 23171

Does anyone know of either duet (piano 4-hands) or two-piano arrangements of Zez Confrey's "Nickel in the Slot"? Many thanks! 20fin...

01/16/2006, by 0 replies
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