The Hidden Room Game

This game is simple.

Read the clues in the first room to figure out the name of the next room, and so on.

To enter a hidden room, click on the "enter a private room" link that is below the Lucky Room in the menu.

If you are the first to "discover" a new room by figuring out the clues, then you can make a new hidden room.

When you make a new hidden room, make sure to leave a clue. Every day you should leave another clue until someone has figured out your hidden room.

For example, you could make a room called, "Charlie Parker". One of your clues could be, "A bird with a sax." Of course, everyone would get that right away, so make the clues more difficult at first.

Good luck!

  Old message # 35758

scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "lead sheets"...

07/09/2007, by 0 replies
  jazz sheets !!!

please I need some real jazz sheets for piano... please if anyone can help......

07/09/2007, by 0 replies
  transcribing voicings

Hey guys, I've been transcribing Bill Evans's solo on Nardis, and I'm having difficulty with the left hand part. I'm also interested in transcribing hi...

06/30/2007, by 0 replies
  How do I...

How do I play... I'm curious to know how to play.

10/26/2005, by 0 replies
  Old message # 10854

Sure it is, you just need to do some research to find the answers.

01/31/2005, by 0 replies
  not fun

this game is not fun...

12/07/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 7645

I'm also interested in seeing some real tight ones. (LOL!) :) Is this game dying or what? I think I've created the last room on the line..

10/01/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 7231

I've hidden all the tight ones...:)...

09/17/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 7229

wad up everybody i really would like some tight nice jazz chords thanks...

09/17/2004, by 0 replies
  Old message # 5594

You guys have gone bonkers- 26 or so hidden rooms! I've gotten the first three so far :)...

07/11/2004, by 0 replies
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