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  New jazz student...any advice helpful

To give you a little background to help you all help me, I've been playing piano for roughly 25 yrs (I'm 37). I've played primarily gospel and r&b. I was...

12/21/2012, by 8 replies
  Proper way to learn jazz and improvisation

Jazz evolved from the reharmonization of popular music. In technical terms, it means taking songs out of a diatonic context. Learning jazz means learning h...

04/08/2013, by 15 replies
  2 - 5 - 1 progression

I am new to jazz so I don't much about it and I probably ask a lot of stupid questions. Hope you people can put up with that. Every one tells me to start...

05/24/2013, by 2 replies
  Gigging piano sounds

For those of you who are out and about gigging, i was just wondering what you use for a good piano sound, where a real piano isn't available. Seems like a ...

05/28/2013, by 16 replies
  ...No Title...

Congrats! I've never heard anyone say: "Dang! I wish I didn't have a Nord."...

06/17/2013, by 0 replies
  Using YouTube or other "modern" methods to Copyright/Prove Authorship of Music

Hey gang. I'm thinking of putting some of my original music up on YouTube and/or play it live in the near future. However, for purposes of covering my as...

04/22/2013, by 6 replies
  Blues Cliché

A common thread throughout Stride piano tricks (as well as Blues, Honky Tonk Piano, etc) is the usage of these lines below over (for example) a C7th chord:...

06/15/2013, by 0 replies
  *NEW* - Ear Training - Theory and Practice w/Dave Frank

Explore 3 of the hippest systems for developing your ears! This class focuses on developing the ability of the inner ear to hear multiple notes, intervals...

06/11/2013, by 0 replies
  Fingerings for Scales Forumla

I just found a piece of paper with some notes I wrote on it back when I was around 10 years old about how to finger scales regardless if you actually know ...

06/02/2013, by 0 replies
  Hello, I am new here

Hello. I am new on this forum. just recently started looking into jazz. No teacher yet.

05/24/2013, by 2 replies
  *NEW* -The Piano Music of Charles Ives - YT master class w/Dave Frank

I'm ecstatic to invite you to enjoy a new master class on the life and piano music of Charles Ives. This unique in-depth class includes an intro to Ives an...

11/19/2012, by 1 reply from 05/11/2013
  Buy: Korg Pa3X Pro Keyboard, Yamaha PSR-S910 Keyboard, Yamaha Tyros 4 Keyboard

I love! I promise not to spam it ever again! Please help me be a better person!...

03/23/2013, by 2 replies
  Tim Richards Books

Well, I ordered Improvising Blues Piano and Exploring Jazz Piano (Vol 1). They should be here tomorrow. While I love jazz, Scot's review of IBP and the f...

02/14/2013, by 7 replies
  The secret to jazz (and life?)

I've come to realize the secret to playing great music is anticipation. Not jumping ahead of the beat, or guessing what your musicians are going to do nex...

02/06/2013, by 14 replies
  Practice from the head, play from the heart.

Sometimes I have a student who says something like: "I'm working on all this new stuff and then I go out to a gig and I sound terrible!" Remember, when y...

04/04/2013, by 5 replies
  Neil Olmstead's Solo Jazz Piano The Linear Approach

Anyone have any opinions on this book?...

11/21/2004, by 9 replies
  Lots of practice then 'BANG' ... realisation.. foot-tapability?

Ok, some of you will know that recently I had issues with my journey of learning jazz piano (don't we all?) well, I've been into the practice room since th...

03/25/2013, by 13 replies
  I love!!!

I really wanted to spam LJP but all I wound up doing is typing this instead.

05/02/2013, by 1 reply from 05/11/2013
  Jazz is dead..... Not!

Hi All. Just wanted to talk about something I just experienced about two hours ago. There's a hospital in Fulham, London; The Chelsea & Westminster Hospit...

01/24/2013, by 3 replies
  Jazz from the Head and Not from the Heart

Hi Scot and others who were following your recent post 'Practice from the Head, play from the Heart, I thought some of you might find This You Tube Video i...

05/02/2013, by 6 replies
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