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The most common notation software today is probably Sibelius. Finale was the reigning champ for a long time, also Encore. All of these are fairly expensi...

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  Transcription programs

Are there programs designed specifically for making sheet music? If so, do you recommend any? I usually use a midi-to-sheet music program, but the results ...

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  Old message # 16865

Is transcribing Fats waller - I ain't got nobody to hard to begin with? or is it so simple?...

07/24/2005, by 0 replies
  Chopin Prelude 20 (Jazz) (.mus)

I have uploaded here a basis for jazz performance of Chopin's Prelude 20 in Cm. It is in (.mus) file so as you may hear it. If you have not Final...

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Maybe his "caps lock" key is jammed...

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  japan by build an ark

hi, idont know if anyone here would have heard of the group build an ark? i really want to be able to play the tracks 'Japan' and 'peace with every step', ...

06/01/2005, by 0 replies
  paranoid android

well, i wanted to trancript paranoid android (the versuin of brad mehldau) and i can't figure some of the backround notes he's playing.. so anyone ...

05/22/2005, by 0 replies
  choir performance

Good chior chords, for ministration. im grateful, thax...

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  Old message # 13818

maybe i'm just never satisfied...I shall do as you say and focus on the rythm first...

05/14/2005, by 0 replies
  Old message # 13796

It's hard, you have to just do it slowly until you think you ahve the right notes. I always go with the left hand rhythm first and don't worry too much abo...

05/13/2005, by 0 replies

I love the song and I got the melody he plays almost directly. Figure out the bass wasn't that hard either but when it comes to what he do with the left ha...

05/13/2005, by 0 replies

Alright I'll try that one. Now I have something to do tonight:)...

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  Old message # 13754

Try Pfrancin on that Miles Davis recording, Someday My Prince Will Come. Wynton Kelley plays piano on it. This solo is often the first solo that jazz piano...

05/12/2005, by 0 replies
  What to start with

Hey! I realy like to be able to trancribe but i find it so hard. Can someone tell me a easy song to start with. It's so diffucult to get all the notes a...

05/12/2005, by 0 replies
  Old message # 13730

A little something from Monty Alexander's "Friday Night" - hard to find recording, but highly recommended for anyone who likes groove oriented sw...

05/11/2005, by 0 replies
  I ' like to learn more about jazz piano

Hello, My name is Guylain Belo I lives in Belgium. I'd like to have more jazz lessons, I don't have any credit card so I can't buy online. Help me for...

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  Video link: Jean-Yves Thibaudet

Before playing the Waltz for Debby transcription I just put up, I highly recommend looking at the following video: go to http://www.deccaclassics.com/fe...

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The Scorch thingie worked though. Thanks!...

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