could you guys please suggest some tunes that i can use for my beginning jazz piano students? sure, tunes like "autumn leaves", "fly me to the moon" and "blue bossa" are great but i need some good alternatives so i  (and they) donīt get bored.

also, some students arenīt really into jazz and want to play pop tunes. iīm not really into pop so can you suggest some pop tunes that are good for learning harmony and piano playing in general?

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are your students who want to learn pop tunes more interested in reading written music, or do they want to improvise.

it seems to me the best tunes for beginners would be ones they can sound good playing by themselves, which is easiest if you have a fixed left hand pattern.  good ones for this are all blues, take 5, any number of blues repeating patterns, black orpheus (use simple 1 5 bossa pattern), boogies.
when it comes to pop playing they are mostly interested in learning how to comp in different styles.

your tune suggestions are nice. any more? i need a large teaching repertoire...
check out the top ten tunes room for some ideas.

lullabye of birdland, a-train, speak low, i cover the waterfront, moonlight in vermont, all the things you are, etc etc...

to be honest, it's not the tunes so much that are important. it's how you get your students to expand how they play the tunes they choose to learn.

all tunes have something in common- melody and harmony.  melody and harmony is 2/3 of what makes a good jazzer. the other of course is time.

so whatever they  want to learn, be it giant steps or night in tunisia, listen to them play their song and then give them the ideas they need to expand it when they are practicing.

i'm sure you know how to teach, don't take my suggestions as an insult or anything, it's just that jazz lessons are a lot more about music than repertoire.
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thanks for your reply scot, i agree with you completely. itīs more about music than repertoire. and picking tunes for more advanced students is never a problem. but itīs harder to find jazz tunes that work for beginners, since a lot of tunes have too many chords, too advanced harmonic movements etc. thatīs why i was looking for suggestions to expand my repertoire of "easy" tunes. just lazy i guess, iīll play through all my fake books and see what i can find...
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