this means to play the cm chord five times while the bass notes starts on the root and descends chromatically until it gets to the g note at which time the chord changes to g7.

songs that use these familiar chords are:

“blue skies”  
“my funny valentine”  
“this masquerade”  
“it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”  

can you name any others?

gospel progression:
eb bb/d cm eb/bb ab eb/g fm fm/bb
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canb you name all the standards that use the "gospel progression?"

eb bb/d cm eb/bb ab eb/g fm fm/bb
"in walked bud"
could you elaborate further on the structure of a gospel progression?
i thought "blue skies" was in dm?  does this progression still
hold true?
when playing through the gospel progression it reminded me of a schmalzy elton john song that i couldn't remember the name to.
"a star is born" (from disney's hercules)
the piano man by billy joel features chords similar to the gospel progression.
another beautiful song with a descending bass line: the summer knows(michel legrand)
nobody answered my question. :(  this was new to me. funk, when you gave those examples, it suddenly dawned on me what it sounds like.

anyway i found a nice link that explains this movement from iv to iv.
what about the "like someone in love" progression is it in any other tune.

it goes like  
|ebmaj g7/d|c-7 c-7/bb|a-7b5 ab7#9|g-7 c7b9|
in salsa palying most common figure would be a minor muntuono in c minor. in albetan area he notate such stuff. in my book jazzology i discussed that line as beeing a cesh wict hstands for chromatic elaboration/embelishement of static harmony. do some google search.

cesh at start of here's that rainy day (i think the stan kenton band used this).
i also play this progression in a latin tune but extended to eight bars: |c-  |c-/b|c-/bb|c-/a|c-/ab|dbmaj7|dmi7b5|g7  |
i also play this progression in a latin tune but extended to eight bars: |c-  |c-/b |c-/bb |c-/a |c-/ab |dbmaj7 |dmi7b5 |g7  |
sorry guys, i was trying to fix my typing and accidentally entered the damn thing three times in a row. my bad!
st. thomas and rhythm changes use that jazz gospel changes walkup

| c c7/e | f f#dim | c/g  a7  | d-7  g7  |
"when playing through the gospel progression it reminded me of a schmalzy elton john song that i couldn't remember the name to."

intro to "goodbye yellow brick road", maybe?
yeah a lot of seventies songs used that progression.  i think sting even used it in some of his stuff.
i do september in the rain as a walk-down.

i've heard the gospel walk-up referred to as christopher columbus.

i'm preparing an academic presentation on static changes and inversions in jazz harmony, so this is a useful thread.  keep the ideas coming!

songs with chromatically descending sevenths on minor chords:

nature boy
i believe in you
how deep is the ocean
it's alright with me
bye bye black bird
confirmation (on the bridge)
a night in tunisia (on the chorus)

i've seen lead sheets for "it could happen to you" where it does it on the part where it goes to relative minor, starting 4 bars before the first turnaround. that's how i learned that tune.

the intro riff on be-bop by dizzy gillespie kind of does the same thing.

the first four bars of mal waldron's soul eyes  are chords i often play as substitutes for this progression. those chords are

i c-    i g7alt    i c-7     i f7     i

the walk-up progression can be found in  

scrapple from the apple
salt peanuts  
relaxin at the camarillo
probably at least a couple dozen other be-bop, rhythm changes-ish tunes.

the "gospel changes" i've never seen in a jazz standard. i've heard something pretty darn similar played in a bunch of rock and pop tunes.
lots of later beatles tunes used a similar progression

cry baby cry
while my guitar gently weeps
penny lane
magical mystery tour
lucy in the sky with diamond
dear prudence
i want you ( she's so heavy )

to name a few..just jazz or blues them them up a bit, and they sound wonderful
..sound even good without jazzin or bluesin 'em up.
cry baby, cry:

    em      em+7                  em7
the king of marigold was in the kitchen
        em6                 c7  g
cooking breakfast for the queen

while my guitar gently weeps

  am           am/g       am6                 fmaj7
i look at you all see the love there that's sleeping

penny lane  

c    c/b     c/a      c/g       f     g

magical mystery tour  

d                d/c          g/b                  gm/bb
  the magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away

lucy in the sky in a major

a    a/g    a/f#    a/f   a/e  

dear prudence

d     d/c        d/b       d/a#

i am the walrus

a  a/g  d/f#  fmaj7  g   a
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