ok guys, you caught bev in the "worst version of myself" mode.

paranoia is not my style ---but i admit to giving in to it!

sorry, fellows--- and thank you for making me feel welcome

i feel all better, because of your words and interest.

i needed that!! boy, did i!!---like a real hug!

i can't tell you how much i loved what you guys wrote and how much it meant to me

yeah, the lady had a bad day----but my hair looked good! ha!

truth is --it actually never  bothered me that there wasn't much response --- writers just write-- compulsive---at least for me

i am sort of a "put a message in a bottle" and see if the tides will have it reach any human destination where it could be read.

a  true romanticist describes me and my music and also an edgy realist which i would rather not be--but hey, we gotta survive in this industry---

you are right in saying that i need a break--i'm overworked, no doubt about it, but grateful to be---

i think 2007 found me having a "barbara streisand" syndrome in that i decided that i "should do everything"----rightly or wrongly--i'll let others decide.

anyway, in answer to your question--do i have a website?---no

yes, i'm going to be getting one---as i am doing a new album and the arrangements are finished but the added instrumentation and a lot of the lyric(i keep changing them) isn't complete and it is a lengthy project---

i've been chomping at the bit to do a website but because my image both artistically and visually had to "seek it's own level"and be the "now" of me--to evolve-- and so it has----the lady is ready---

i do have some badly recorded originals on the net--but i think you can tell my talents---anyway. i'm the only non indie rocker on an indie site.

the web address is--- songplanet.com. a guy there liked my voice and work so put my stuff on anyway--no pics--no nothing and my manager now has to approve where i put my pic--just type in beverly redding and you can hear me.

hey, you could do me a big favor as i'm thinking of rerecording the song of mine "a taste of love"---maybe you could go there and take a listen and give me your take. the sax on it is great---but i have an idea of updating it---soooo, would you listen and give me you take on it?

i'm going to be hitting the net "hard"---once this project is complete.

i doing an awards show in hollywood on mid month and typical female worrying more about how i'm going to strut around in "beyond stilletto heels" and not act like i'm in pain-- than i am anything else.i must have swalled too much "peptobimbo" ha!

hey,i'm a blue jeans gal in my off time

so guys, forgive me for my paranoia---it's not a daily part of my persona--thank goodness.

i'll write when i can on a sun or mon.

i've got a lot of cds of my work on amazon.com----but it is work with orchestra--"famous guys" and my last jazz cd---is on hold because of the change of direction, but i'll keep you informed.

i really wanna rework "taste of love"---so any input on that---whether favorable or not would be most apreciated.

is there any of your work you would like me to hear cause i love doing that??

the guys that work with me never think i need any help(i do) and also

i need new input and am in a "share" mood.

thank you for making my day feel like a warm "hug"

hope to hear from you

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