hi, if anybody knows of a digital piano fixer in dublin, that would be great. my korg has one broken note, i should send it back but it will take a while and cud get even more wrecked in transit!! proving a tiny bit more difficult than i had imagined, have called around all the relevant places but to no great avail. the guy in the korg shop said it can take ages to fix?

an impatient,
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sometimes one broken note (is the key broken, or does it feel fine and not make a sound?) is the result of dirt or other stuff getting into the key sensors.  in most cases you can take some screws out, open the lid, remove the keys, and then clean under the rubber key sensors and that often fixes things.  even if it doesn't, it's a good idea with regards to keyboard maintenance to clean inside the board every once in a while.

to answer your question, i don't know of anyone, but perhaps you could find some local bands that use keyboards and ask the keyboard players where they go, or who they talk to when their keyboards need work.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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if the key is mechanically broken you might try and find the same (or a very similar model number) keyboard used or dead. try and remove the same key from the second piano and install it in your broken one. many times it is not all that difficult. it is worth a try if you can pick up the second piano on the cheap.
peace out!
is the key cracked or has the contact failed?
sometimes in an emergency you can swap the lowest key on the board that matches with the broken one.

here are photos on how to open and remove the keys yourself:

photos of roland fp4 being lubed:


here are the photos from when i lubed my kawai es4's front guide posts. i simply wiped the existing grease back up and around the posts. it had not been applied carefully enough at the factory and it had slipped down. kawai says any white lithium grease will work. it is sold in auto parts stores.

photos of kawai es4 being lubed:

hi again and thanks for all the helpful posts. the key makes a sortoff crunching sound when you try to play it but is not physically broken or loose or anything, and if you press down on it real hard you can just about hear the note it should play, so i'm reckoning maybe the contact has failed or is messed up or there's probably something loose inside it. i'm going to check those pics out later jazz+ after work, and thanks for same..
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