hi guys,
i know there are a lot of threads about keyboards and stuff but i wanted to get an answer on my special needs.

i am kind of "jealous" concerning the other instruments. for excample trumpetplayers or guitarrplayers. they are able to transport their very own beloved instrument, where ever they want. as a piano player you are very much dependend on wether you own a good keyboard and eventually a car or on a piano that is waiting for you at the spot where you want to play (which is mostly not the case).

so i want to buy a good stage piano. the most important thing is the sound. i dont need tons of effects, i just need a good sound. number two is the keydynamics!!! i am a bit unsure whether i put that first or not. i am kind of an keydynamics-fetish...:-/
and it should be transportable...in a special bag or sth. like that.

the price should be around 800$...

any suggestions ?

thanks very much !!

(and do you know a good amplifier ? about 100$)
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you should be able to find a good digital piano in price range. there a bunch of them but in your price range i'd recommend a yamaha.

now here's the bad news- unless your just playing at home, there's no way to amplify your keyboard for $100. not even with used gear.  

the most portalbe amp i can think is a roland cube. the problem is that your acoustic piano sound will not good through it.  

if your playing small/quiet venues, maybe 2 studio monitors with some sort of amp that would allow you to run stereo would work.
thanx very much. but it would be more helpfull if you would give me some specific models. maybe one you have allready tested.

thx anyway :d
sorry, but i'm really bad with model names/numbers-especially yamaha. there some model that i heard at costco that cost around $700 and i seen losts of used in the yamaha "p" "s" series for under $1000. also someone awhile back posted that they bought a new roland fp-4 for under $1000. they posted the link to the store. just do a search and you should be albe find it. good luck!
check out yamaha ypg 620 selling $700 at costco.
also if postability if your main goal check the yamaha np30. see the thread below. there some youtube videos of it too.
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