i just don't get it. what is an upper structur. where do i use it and what is it for. can you give examples ? also tunes where they are used.

thx folks !
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9ths, 11ths and 13ths are the upper structures.

they are added for color. they do not change the quality of the chord (major, minor, dominant, diminished, half-diminished).

9ths can be natural, raised or lowered.

11ths can be natural (perfect), or raised (augmented).

13ths can be natural or lowered.
this is another one of those topics thats' been dealt with a lot over here................use "search" above to get this-

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in addition to what 7 said, there's the concept of upper structure voicings.  
could be defined as any major or minor triad on top of a tritone. except those triads that contain notes 1/2 above the tritone.  

so for example i was trying to transcribe aebersold on autumn leaves. you know how it goes gm7 then sometimes g7. i couldn't make sense of what he played. turned out to be  
f b eb ab b
which is an ab- triad over f-b tritone.
the rest of the a section he was playing more or less standard rootless voicings. i guess he added this for color.
check this out for some discussion and example on upper structure usage


here's an article on upper structure

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