phil o’keefe is a guru in the recording field. he has been a staff columnist since ‘03 in the sound engineers’ bible “eq magazine” and beginning november ’07 he is also published monthly at “keyboard magazine”.

not only is phil an accomplished musician in his own right, but he has perfect pitch and is telepathic. the most important member of the team.

we had a lot of fun recording this. if you’ve enjoyed listening to my combo and you are a club owner or have got connections anywhere in l.a., hook us up and get us booked.
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i'm not a club owner in l.a. but i liked what i have listened...!

good job, 7...and good luck!

p.s.: you really swing, man!
man, you guys should get lots of work!  nice stuff - first class in all aspects.  

is that a harp or some kind of electronics on blue 7 and who's playing?

good luck and keep us clued to your successes.
now we know what 7's been up to in his underground bunker over recent months.  good stuff.

i'm going to take this opportunity to piggyback on his news of a new venture to mention one of my own - my first album with plastic wrapper, barcode and distributor.  it's called "songs from the fossil-box".  info, plus an mp3 of one of the tracks, on:

the download doesn't have much keyboard on it, but there's plenty of piano on other tracks.


thank you very much for listening and your compliments. you have no idea how much that means to me.


ditto to what i wrote to bud, and fyi on my tune "blue 7": that's harmonica and it was me playing (comping chords in the lh while holding the harp to the mic with the rh).


i got your cd in the mail today and have already listened to it several times. it defies categorization, but if i were to attempt to put a label on your esoteric collection of tone poems i would have to say "electronic beatnik for the 21st century". (please take that as a compliment).

i was especially impressed by the barcode, it is a truly beautiful one at that and fits in nicely with the decorative theme of the "fossil box".

i would also like to take this occasion to thank the assholes and idiots who sometimes frequent this forum for not leaving malicious comments in this thread regarding my bid to get gigs for my piano trio in southern california jazz piano bars. i truly appreciate your silence.

and finally, i'd like to thank all the ljp lurkers who visited to listen to our tunes. since posting this thread on 12/07/07, the website has received over 3000 hits. thanks for dropping by ...
hey man, awesome sound you got there, i really dig it.  reason im writing on here is cos i want everyone to know what i think of you instead of sending you a private email.  

i own the green mill in chicago and while i may not be in l.a i have got some contacts over that way, im dave jemilo, i dunno if you heard of the green mill, i bought it back in 86 cos of people like you, im fascinated man, how do you do it?!?  anyway cut a long story short the clubs up and running and pulling in the crowds from all over.  over the past two decades i've got to know musicians from all over the world, and you know what?  you might just be the next big thing with that stella rhythm section and great playing i think with the right team we could get you somewhere.  

i don't wanna give too much away in public so ill stop there but im sure i could pass your number on to some of my buddies in l.a, and if you wanna take it further ill email you privately.

anyways if your serious let us know and ill send you my contact dets through your emails on that great site of yours.  just thought that people should hear these compliments rather than have them hiding it you inbox!!

keep up the good work,  

dave jemilo
green mill

i wrote to you at the email listed on your website. i look forward to hearing from you.

wow!  good luck with all that!  

i hope you won't be leaving us "b players" behind :)
hey 7, please don't email that address as were selling the website and no longer use it, however i checked it and i didn't see any email from you so i can only assume you haven't sent it yet or my secretary has replied.  ill email you sometime tomorrow afternoon, keep up the good work.

7 looking at the last post i wasn't sure my reply to your email got through.
i finally got to hear your playing and it was terrific.
i especially liked your two originals.
bassist and drummer are both very talented. best of luck with the trio.
hey 7, great work your really coming along!  just need to watch that pedal and check your fingering,  i can hear that thumb passing under as im sure you can!!!!!  anyway im sure you don't need me pointing that out.  other than than great sound, and a lovely mix.  just don't over do those grace notes in 'autumn leaves'.  i don't know what piano you were using but it seemed that sometimes you weren't sure on its feel, but still it sound good.  by the way, i loved your idea of playing the harmonica and comping in the left hand, very nice.  

hope you don't mind me giving you a few pointers, you are on the way though.

i sure did get your email and i thank you for your kind words!


the keyboard was the fully weighted kurzweil that they have in the studio there (i don't remember which model number).  

as we were going for a totally live feel and only did a couple of takes per song, in the mixdown we tried to micro-manage the performances as little as possible in order to retain that "live" ambience.

thank you for all your comments!
excellent, it defiantly gives over a live vibe, its so refreshing to hear a live sound instead of these awful totally over edited modern records!

what a lovely recordings you made! i dream to do one someday, but still in morocco i can do nothing. hope someday i meet you and do some recordings together.

i liked so much the 3rd circle, kind of the music i like so much to play!!!!!!!! bravo.
merry xmas to you jeff.


and merry xmas to all of
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