it's not often jazz appears in the women's pages of the uk national press, so this article is a bit of a collector's item:

it raises all kinds of questions.  a serious one is: does the aebersold method really think satin doll is a 12 bar blues?  and another is - what kind of attrition rate must there be in a teaching system that introduces its students to 15 types of scale in their first theory session?

what really interests me, though, is the idea of having mother around while learning jazz.  most people i know, me included, got into jazz in spite of (and even in some cases to spite) their parents.  i can't help thinking that the lad in the times article is doomed because his mother's interfering with a basic freudian truth about families.


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interesting.  must have taken a lot of guts to just jump in.  it's a sad thing tho, that jazz seems to be for the pre-initiated, or the self initiated.  it's not welcoming like, say, punk, or trance, or any other genre where you can pretty much pick up and do something that sounds okay, while bad novice jazz is bad enough to kill a herd of elephants. (that's me)

the threshold for entry is quite high when the requirement is fluent proficiency in your instrument and an understanding of basic composition theory.  just those added together is years and years of training.  and the sad thing is, the requirements can't be lowered because they're part of what makes jazz what it is.
maybe she was referring to the tune "satan doll" which is a 12-bar blues (except on sundays when it pretends to be a rock ballad).

not to be confused with the xmas song "santa doll" which is stylistically somewhere between a polka and a tango with a reggae backbeat.

or maybe the tune was "sanatorium doll" - now that's some craaaazy shit!!
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