i got a gig playing this church organ on a couple of days. i've got no idea about playing the organ, have only ever played jazz piano.  

so whats the deal with voicing churchy latin sort of stuff on the organ? basically i'm planning just to do triad in the lh and melody in the rh, pull the 1st 3 stops out, and don't touch the pedals...could anyone please give me a 5 minute rundown on what to do???

this is a standard small church organ with a leslie that i'm talking about, its not a pipe organ or anything. thanks
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you need the gospel stops to start with...  i don't have those with me right now but i will send them tonight.  there's some video on youtube.com that can help too.
upper manual
lower manual
rotator=slow  brake=off
when you say church gig...is that as in, during a service?  what denomination of church? what type of music will you be expected to play? (you mentioned latin.) is the organ a b3?  will you have to play behind a sermon at some point?
cheers jmkarns thanks for that

yeah its during a catholic mass, playing a some type of hammond, i don't think its a b3 though...the music is playing "medieval monastry sort of stuff" like agnus dei etc etc (that's what i meant by latin, i didn't mean i would be playing any salsa on the organ during a church service!)
hi superjames,  
i hope the gig goes well for you. i had a church organ gig for five years. i don't think you need to worry too much about the pedals; basically, nobody really notices but it's an incentive to learn about the pedals in the future if you find you enjoy the gig. today, for instance, i was at the good friday mass in a catholic church and they had an organist playing who wasn't using the pedals, but it sounded good because he was a nice musician.  

if you're the resident organist it will lend itself to getting first refusal of every wedding, funeral, not to mention tridiums/feast days/novena masses etc. that are part of the church etc., which, in itself, can prove quite lucrative.  watch out for the singers though who will arrive with no music, or can't sing, or are 100 and shouldn't really still be singing, or want something transposed on the spot into a horrible key, or by the end of the gig you'll end up so engulfed in rage that you'll be just about able to function as a human being...... the plusses, however, outweigh the minuses and i enjoyed my stint as church organist and improved my playing-by-ear ten-fold and got better at putting chords to songs etc.  i also got to hear some interesting travelling preachers when i was doing the gigs (some ott, some interesting) so it wasn't boring and, last but not least, some church music is beautiful so you're onto a good thing. best of luck. mcj!
ditto on the singer alert.
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