1 hiromi or diana krall
2.ella or sarah vaghn
3.etta james or nancy wilson
4. mary low williamns or nina simone
5. diane reeves or cassandra wilson
6. carla bley or joanne brakeen
7.dee dee bridgewater or terri lyne carrington
8. regina carter or eva cassidy
10.natalie cole or diana krall
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not really my thing mike - but if hiromi were to ask nicely....
wynton kelly
dear moderator,

is there really a need for this sort of thread?

it all depends on what i'm in the mood for. i might be in the mood for some bill evans when i'm falling asleep, or herbie hancock when i'm going for a run.  

lately, though, i've been in the mood for keith jarrett all the time.
i vote yes.
mike's threads make me laugh.  the world needs more laughter.
what could the purpose of such a survey possably be?
this thread makes me want to instantly avoid this forum. the thought of toe sucking makes me feel sick. i don't have such a warped sense of humor. and i don't visit this forum for that silliness. i don't think scott wants posters repulsing people away from his sight. i'm out of here.
i'll play

1. b
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. a
8. a
9. a
10. b
11. a
12. a
13. b
14. b
15, b
16. a
17. a
18. b
19. a
20. b
21. a
22. a
23. a
24. a
25. a
27. a
28. b
29. a
30. a

did i win ?
mike is always doing satires on other threads he thinks are silly.
that's exactly what this was.

(mike also enjoys sexual innuendo...)
meade lux lewis
you will come back, jazz+!

no! knotty, you lost!                :)
diana krall

it reminds me of an eye exam.
which is better?  number 1, or number 2?
number 1, or number 2?
number 1, or number 2?
number 1, or number 2?
number 1, or number 2?
cynbad, you have echoed my thoughts
bill evans over anybody

2. this is a web-site, not  web-sight

i don't visit this forum for typographical silliness.

toe each his own ...
when you get to parting rivers i`ll take moses

(if they were out of sight, would scot be out of his mind?)

or maybe you mean the kind of repulsive posters that some people hang on their walls?
remember that awards show when dave letterman just kept saying
ella.... etta     etta..  ella     ella ...etta   over and over again
etta   ella       ella    etta
whose jock would you rather smell?
tiger woods or martina navratilova-- tawana brawley or al sharpton--
eli or peyton hitler or mussolini
in accordance with my miranda rights, i have the right to remain silent, and i understand that anything i say can and will be used against me in the court of ljp.

therefore, i have no comment!

except that i hate monk.
uma?   oprah?         uma?     oprah?
         uma        oprah?
come on lets stay on point here
what? i think tony shaloub is great as monk
charlp88 has clearly taken this to a new low.  i may have to find another foot-fetish forum
i get the impression that the wack digs toe sucking but abstains from jock sniffing?i guess we have to draw the line somewhere.perhaps the next forum will be arm_pits
whatever you think about monk, you can't deny he was a great original! not to mention his compositonal genius...
the thread was really not meant to be about toe sucking or jock sniffing.  wow.  it shocks me sometimes how literally my posts are taken here and how i can take no artistic liscence at all in my writing.  it surprizes me because i assume jazz pianists are creative people who are have the ability to interpret creative writing.  i assumed ... actually i never even thought i had to question that it would be understood my thread was about women in jazz and our adoration and respect for them.  but it ruins the whole thing to have to write like this.  there will always be those like jazz - who only want to paint fruit bowls and others who have take things into dark realms of hitler and mussolini,  it has always been the challenge for the creative person to not let these things stop them and i imagine it always will be.
i agree.  monk was unique and had style.  i think  his works will stand the test of time.
mike, some people were born without the humor and irony genes.  and anything subtle is lost on them.
it's really tiresome to continually have to explain things that so obviously speak for themselves.
looks like several of us "got it" and enjoyed it.  ;-)
thanks cyn,  i wanna suck your toes.
thanks mike, but you're gonna have to settle for cyber toes!
my real motive for this thread revealed... cyber toes
ok  maybe i should be banned from the forum for all time for the following.  i admit it, but i can not help it ... you got to admit it...
these are some amazing toes..
now, that is because the women probably has more dexterity in her toes than in her hands. maybe one day, she will be able to play the piano with those gems!

that is some amazing toes, mike! :)
that is a gift.
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