dear friends,

i am practising for my audition so i would like to know your comments about my playing.

this is my version of how insensitive solo piano.

thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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ohhh it seems i made a mistake... i should have posted this thread in the "music videos" room.

i love it.  inspiring... makes me want to pick up the arrangement m¥self.
ohh.. thanks mike..!!
mike if you have any suggestion i will be really glad to hear it.

thanks in advance.
well i really do like it just the way it is but if i were to do my own variation on your arrangement i would  occasionally break for a measure or two from the bass line in the left hand and play some sustain chord voicings.  in those places i might feature some lush two handed voicings and or interesting lh voiccings with a good melodic statement in the rh. then pop right back in with the bass line you are playing with out missing a beat.
ok. i think i get what you mean.

do you have in mind any 2 measures in particular...just to give it a try begining somewhere.!!

thanks a lot mike.
no two measures in particular, but after the bass line is already well established so that the listener keeps it going in their mind when you stop playing it.  that is part of the theory... after you establish it you do not have to keep playing it because listeners keep it going whether you are playing it or not,  at least for a couple of measures.
i understand.  
i recognize i have never done that in solo piano but it sounds interesting.

thanks a lot mike..!!
i think it was very nice. what instrument were you playing ?please
i'd work on the melody line a bit.  the phrasing.  make it more legato -- connect the notes.  right now they sound broken up like you're picking up your hand between some of the notes.
find a fingering that allows you to connect the notes without breaking.
i don't get what you mean with your question charlp88.

thanks cynbad i will work on that. work in a more legato melody.... i had the dissadvantage of no pedal.  

thanks a lot for all your comments...this is the best forum to learn piano cause of people like you..!!!

any other suggestion ???
did you mean to switch to swing? it sounds like towards the end of your solo chorus you are switching from bossa to swing, but then you don't commit to it and the groove suffers. i would suggest really locking down that left hand groove, and play sparse, melodic lines in the right. check out jobim playing this song on the piano for an example of sparse melodic sound.

also, i'm not opposed to singing while playing but it seems maybe you are singing what you hear yourself playing, that is, your voice is mimicking your playing when it should be the other way around - your playing should mimic the melodic ideas you would naturally want to sing. you start out with some nice melodic ideas.

your left hand could play less volume.

i like the playing on the head, how the melody is harmonized. i like the intro groove also, although it doesn't quite seem to flow smoothly into the main groove of the head. you could play around with ways to keep that intro groove going, playing the same pattern, adjusting it to fit the chords of the tune.
also, dude, check out the way your whole body changes during the solo. during the head in and out, you look relaxed, upright, your head is swaying with the groove. immediately at the start of the solo you look hunched over and tense, not as relaxed.
wao jwv76, thanks a lot for your comments.

it seems i have a lot of work to do..!! i'm organizing my time to check out every aspect you have talked about.

again, thanks, thanks a lot.  
it means a lot for me having all this comments from all ljp friends..!!

any other comments are welcome !!!

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