all this talk about gear recently has made me wonder if there have been any new advances in amplification i don't know about.  this is a question i've asked before on here, but it's been a couple of years since the last time so wonder if there's anything new that i've missed.

i've always had a problem with amplification for digital pianos as it's either not portable enough (really can't be bothered to lug loads of gear around these days) or doesn't do the piano sound justice.

i'm still using my roland kc500 which i know scot hates but has always done an ok job for me.  it weighs a ton - especially now the wheels have fallen off, but the 15" speaker gives a better sound on the bass than the smaller models.

i was never comfortable with the idea of carrying a small pa around or 2 powered monitors, but i look at some of the small amps that bass players are using, like the little gallien kreugers for example, and wonder why i can't find an amp for the piano that will do as good a job in a more compact package than my roland.  

i have tried putting the piano through bass amps but it doesn't sound good to be honest.

what amplification do you use on smaller gigs and does anyone have any suggestions for a more compact (or lighter!) amp that will kick out a similar sound to my kc550?  

i've given up hoping for a better sound without going stereo but if i could get close to what i'm used to and spare my back a little, i'd be happy.
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i would never admit to using the kc500. of course it sits beside my motif only for appearance's sake. honest it's not even plugged in. lol
i have a kc 150, and i've never had any problems.  it's fairly compact and it puts out clear sound.  however, when i've used it for medium-room rock gigs with a full rock band (not running through any sort of pa) it tends to distort at high volume.  there might be a way to make it run clean and loud but i haven't used it enough in that sort of situation to figure it out.  also, i'm not as picky about sound quality and exact fidelity to an acoustic piano, so i might not be the best adviser.
i discovered my favorite setup a couple years ago when i forgot my keyboard stand:  my two mackie 450sm's.  they are just the right height to use as keyboard stands and personal sound.

my keyboard experience has never been the same.  i can direct the sound of the amps 45 degrees out from center and that way i can hear my own sound perfectly and the audience can hear it perfectly.  

there are even depressions in the top of the amps where my keyboard feet fit, like they were made for it....  

seriously, the  most amazing keybaord amp setup i've ever experience.
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