i agree with 7.  i don't think flame wars are too helpful to proceedings although i can see how it's easy to get wound up by certain people in the forums who are deliberately trying to cause a nuisance.

i think restraint is probably the best  policy.  i've learnt from past mistakes that there really isn't any point getting in too deep with things once you've made your point.

for example, i still think that charlp88 was bang out of order with the whole 'taliband' thing.  becuase of scot's staunch defence o him, i'm prepared to accept he may not have been deliberately racist but at the very least it was a stupid thing to post in light of the previous several suggestions focusing on morocco for the band names - a predominantly muslim country.

nevertheless, once i'd said my piece and clarified it to scot then there's no point carrying on.  incidentally, if something i had innocently posted was inadvertantly taken as racist i would be at great pains to apologise  and explain (not take a 'i'm not racist, so fuck you all attitude' as charlp88 has).

there's no point carrying the discussion on in the forum any further as it'll just turn into more flaming so i've kept my mouth shut.  maybe i'm mellowing in my old age!

changing tack for a minute, i love dr whack's one liners to random posters - my favourite was where somebody had written 'hey how r u' and he had replied with something like 'well, my back's giving me some problems recently but i musn't grumble'.  

stuff like that makes me grin rather than be cheesed off when i've visited a room supposedly containing a new post that's just rubbish - so please don't stop doing that dr!

i think though, that if we do give into some of the idiots in the main forum and end up in flame wars, the site will ultimately lose credibility and certainly won't be attracting players we respect like dave frank and mark levine to post or read what's written so i for one, will endeavour to be on my best behaviour...

hey, anyone want to talk about jazz piano now!? ;-)
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