so i was reading scot's introduction on the homepage, and he refers to the "jazz pianist lifestyle" what does this mean to you? i'm curious. :)
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you know lots of beautiful woman constantly trying to knock my door down.  the ultimate in artistic and spiritual satisfaction.  basically a general sense that if there ever has been or currently is a second coming of the lord jesus christ that you must be it.
so acting like keith jarrett? haha
or should that read:
you know live a life of chastity because you are too broke to take a woman out on a date.  the ultimate in artistic and spiritual frustration.  basically a general sense that if there ever has been or currently is a hell surely you will be going there and sooner rather than later.
mike, it's important to stay on those bi-polar meds, ok?  :)

ok, when i mention the "jazz pianist lifestyle" i'm really talking about all artists in general.  the term lifestyle comes from the fact that in order to really be a snow leopard, at the top of your game and mountain, you have to make a decision if you're going to go for it or not, and for artists, that's a big decision.

basically i'm asking people if they are ready to do what it takes.

don't get me wrong, as long as you keep progressing and keep pushing your own envelope and growing in your playing, doing jazz piano for a living can stay fun for your entire life.  but if you get caught by the dark side of art where as you grow older you get more and more bitter because you're extremely good but no one seems to care (usually a case of false-entitlement on the part of the artist) and you're not getting as many calls as you used to, but you're so much better than you used to be, so why aren't you getting the calls, etc...

there's one cure for that and it's to keep on keeping on.  don't ever quit the hustle for gigs and opportunities.

if you live the life of a jazz pianist and say "yes" to every musical opportunity you possibly can, and you spend enough time on the science of jazz (learning chords, tunes, harmonies, etc) so that you can play whatever you need to, and you're friendly, respectiful, pleasant, and show up on time ready to work, then you're jazz piano lifestyle is going to be full of rewards- experiences you won't be able to get anywhere else, people that will be friends for life, first name basis with some of the greatest musicians out there (it's a nice ego boost when monty alexander and others say things like, "hey, scot, how have you been?")

the bottom line, though, is this: the jazz pianist lifestyle isn't something you choose, it chooses you. it's something you have to do, like breathing and it pulls at you like gravity.  there is no arguing with fate about your own path when it comes to music, you just do it and hope things turn out ok.  

i'm going off here, but what the heck are forums for if not going off :)
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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well yes on a more serious note.  i would say it is not an easy lifestyle.  that is why you might say it not something you choose it is something that chooses you.  i tell students thinking about as a career choice not to do it unless there is absolutely nothing else they can conceive of themselves doing.
your chances for a lucrative career are remarkably small. most musicians, artists, and others of this genre likely have very small disposable incomes. careers such as these require a commitment not unlike that of raising children; it is laborious, unceasing and it is life long if done well. the rewards as such are not great fiscally but are beyond fathom emotionally, mentally and spiritually. sacrifices in life are made and dreams can be broken but if you are truly called to such a life, you must do that thing to actually live. most people lead  lives of quiet desperation due to the choices they have not made.
those are some deep words, a very honest accounting of what it is to be a jazzer, they should go into a book or something.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
on my 19th birthday - and that's a looong time ago - i bought hank jones' tiptoe tapdance vinyl and played it non stop. suddenly my uncle asked me - while sweet lorraine was playing!!!! - "what is this shitty elevator music? play something proper". i had to refrain myself from not saying anything i'd regret, didn't comment or nothing 'cause what's the point arguing about music with lesser-intellects...but what really went through my mind was "why do i even bother..." now when i'm a bit older i'm glad i "hung on". sometimes the phone rings non-stop and sometimes i have to dust it off :) either way, i've learned to enjoy piano playing simply for my own sake - with or without an audience.
ultimately elvis that is where we all land.  except for the most successful one in a milliona players who develop national audiences most of us at some point come to the realization that we are doing this at least to a very large extent for our own sakes and that we will be doing it with or without an audience.
great point there.  these days people ask me where i play, and i say, "mostly in my living room."  i get responses like, "what?  why aren't you out there doing concerts and traveling around?"  i shrug my shoulders and tell them that i play music because i enjoy it, and i enjoy playing it as much by myself in my living room as i do in front of a thousand people.  

i also tell them that if they book a concert for me i'll be happy to play it.  that usually shuts them up :)
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
i like that scot.  back at ya brother.
for me the jazz pianist lifestyle will be playing  'auld lang syne'
on new year's eve to a group of friends's at my private party.
yes!  i am shamelessly booking myself at my own party.
scot you gave me an idea i think i'll even start listing my living room on my myspace page concert dates
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