i really thought that nour-eddine really was our nor eddine bahha (nor251). what a great recommendation it would be to have mark levine tout you in a book!

that would've surely frosted a few of the nor251 haters on this board. nonetheless, nor251 is still the co-author of "jazzology" which is heavy cred no matter what.

re: that little typo

mr levine said that i must've gotten an older edition of the book as that typo has already been spotted and fixed.

when i told him that i had bought the book a mere two weeks ago directly through amazon, he offered to send an autographed copy of the latest edition.

you can be sure that i took him up on that offer (you guys know how much i hate typos).

for just a little more info on the drop2 book:

it mainly deals with harmonizing stepwise melody lines using elements from the bebop scales.

for instance, in the case of major lines, the chord tones are harmonized with a drop2 voicing of the 6th chord, and the non-chord tones are harmonized with drop2 voicings of the diminished 7th chords.

and now for the reason that i bought levine's drop2 book in the first place:

recently i got a bug up my ass to take all of the bill evans' closed rootless voicings for piano, and map them out for guitar.

since closed voicings are extremely difficult to impossible to play on guitar, i was obliged to voice them open.

while proofreading my  open jazz chord voicings for guitar (using the piano), i noticed that these voicings truly beautiful and lend an entirely new dimension to comping ii-v-i progressions on the keys.

i also found out that they are mostly drop2 and drop3  voicings.

since i was aware of levine's drop2 book, i figured it would be totally stupid of me to duplicate his efforts if his book consisted of a compendium of drop2 ii-v-i progressions.

since levine's book is not "a compendium of drop2 ii-v-i progressions", you guys will soon be seeing a huge manifesto of extremely cool voicings for comping ii-v-i progressions using my open jazz guitar voicings.

it will be called "jeff brent's jazz guitar voicings for piano"

it includes all the 7alt chords, both for major and minor progressions.

it's a huge can of worms, but i'm almost done with it.

if any of you are interested in seeing what has been done with these guitar voicings, please visit

especially check out joe bianco's collaboration with his "ii-v-i tutor" (just scroll down, then click on the graphic).

soon the "ii-v-i tutor" will contain audio, so that clicking on a chord or a chord progression will immediately play.

this is state-of-the-art shit guys (joe is a senior programmer with ibm).

later ...
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